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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

End of Year Reflection and Poem

Hello! Glad you are here! Thank you for stopping by. This is my last post for 2015. Hard to believe.

     This year has been very eventful, but not in a physical sense. It has been eventful in an emotional sense. I have been on a journey with my writing, from completing and self-publishing my second poetry book to working on a very personal story. I jumped back into the school setting as a substitute and have had many experiences with that! I have had to completely alter my path that my writing life is on, and I honestly froze up inside and experienced something I did not enjoy - the absence of my enthusiasm. My motivation and positivity felt distant, inaccessible. It was strange. I had to learn to summon my desire, my gratitude and openness. The writing I wanted to do felt stuck and that made me so sad! It was like a spiral. Luckily I surrounded myself with good books that brought me back and filled me with inspiration. Acceptance and enthusiasm returned, along with my desire to make my dream come true. Words began to flow. Again.


Stay close by-
your presence is vital
to my being;
Stay close by
with your guiding Light
providing  energy to my dreams.
I see
I feel
your radiant acceptance
fueling my passion;
until I become the source
of my own inspiration.
No one knows the depth of my vision
except you
who gave me wings
in the first place.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Writing, Dreams, Poetry and Life

I have a poem expressing my inner feelings today. I have been considering the dreams I have for my life and how I have taken steps to make them a reality and yet have also been forced to change my plans, create a new plan. Life is full of adventure, and as we learn to listen to our soul I think we embark upon a very personal and exciting journey. I have very high hopes for the new year coming up. What about you? Do you have plans/dreams for yourself or something in the works for 2016?

What of Dreams

Tender dreams slip through my fingers
like a mist they evaporate-
a ghost of a shadow remains;
their image fills my soul with light.
Now in the darkness I feel lost.
Still able to taste their flavor in the wind
feel their anxious-to-be-born-cry upon my skin,
I am face to face with nothingness without my dreams.
I catch  glimpse of hope, a shimmer
my breath quickens
I am turning toward a new beginning.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

What lies within : Poetry of reflection and heart


Thank you so very much for stopping by. I have just one poem today for my post, but it is a poem that reflects my mood lately. I have been thinking about family, about legacy, about love.
In this reflection I have also reflected upon spiritual themes and concepts. Things that give me hope, comfort, understanding and peace.
I have been remembering the feeling of things more than specific events. Does that make sense?
It's not just because the holidays are coming up. I have just had time to reflect lately. Writing my story has prompted that, as well as some quiet time in between substitute teaching jobs.
The past few weeks have been busier on the inside than on the outside!!
Anyway, I have one poem to share and I hope you enjoy.


I carry within myself
the memory of You-
all my senses rise
when the thought of you stirs my mind awake;
part of you I carry within my heart's desire
and as I go toward it
you are with me
within me as enthusiasm
peace, vision
even joy.
Early morning in the sunrise
I see your promise, your love
carry on

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Loving the person you've become

    Hi! Thank you for stopping by.

    For today's poem I was inspired by a quote. I love a good quote. One that inspires you and makes you smile or sigh in agreement. One that reverberates within your heart long after you have read it.
The quote I found for this week caught my attention because it speaks of inner awareness, self-respect, self-love, appreciation for just being. It is simple yet and profound in it's wisdom. See if it strikes something within you:

                          "I love the person I've become, because I fought to become her."
                                                                                                                                  Kaci Diane

    Wow. Can't you just feel the pride and understanding, the awareness, just oozing off the page?
Words like that take my breath away. Do you have a favorite quote, book or song that speaks to you like that? Simply amazing.

     In thinking about this, I was led to reflect upon my own journey. The journey we all take. How I am not the same person who used to be afraid of so many things. Who sees things so differently now.

     Taking up writing has been part of my journey and I am so glad I listened to the urging of my spirit and started to express myself through poetry. It has been life changing in many ways!

     I'll end today's reflection with a poem about this very topic. I hope you enjoy!


     I am unencumbered
     released and free
     of my past at last;
     standing upon the solid truth
     of love.
     My eyes are opened to truth-
     I see the path I took
     choices all my own
     led me to where I am;
     my openness to my inner light
     births a new self-designation-
     She who embraces possibilities.
     I feel the pull of yesterday
     seductive and comfortable
     yet my passion for this new Self
     gives me strength to persevere.
     I am new and strong
     giving myself all that I
     feel and know
     is my birthright.
     I shine

Monday, October 26, 2015

Embracing the gift of time.


Here for you today is a poem influenced by considering the gift of time, of all the moments we have to embrace and all that life brings us.


The gift of a moment
glistens in the sun;
time offering itself
again and again
for what?
Expressions of love
transform the atmosphere
and elevate the future.
The tide comes in
then goes out
to the rhythm of eternity
and I stand linked to
my feet in the sand;
this moment contains everything
and nothing
until I choose
to accept the gift
before me.

 The gift I have received lately is the gift of time to write. What have you been gifted?

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Celebration of Self

Hello! Thanks for stopping by!
I want to share a poem inspired by all the books I have read throughout the years
on the subject of self awareness and personal growth. I love nonfiction!!
How I finish the sentence "I am..." has changed so much throughout the years.
How do you complete the sentence?


I am
love seeking expression
creativity unbound
I am
unity within diversity
the common thread
woven through life;
many moments link
this one to eternity
existing within my heart
for the joyous realization
of all that I am.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Poetry of Change

Good day! Today I have a poem inspired by the change that life brings, by nature and emotions. Enjoy!


Like the falling leaves
my emotions twirl
tossed about by the wind
of changing thought;
letting go/releasing
holding on to the promise
of the spring and summer
that exist within me
despite being bare for the moment.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Change is in the Air: Poetry and Fall, Maple Leaf Quilt and All

    Hi! I am thinking about Autumn right now. I know it is a little early, but the change of seasons seems to be in the air. I like the cooler nights and the colors. Pretty soon we will be seeing maple leaves turn, my favorite!

     What is it about seasons that draw us to embrace them or dread them? Spring has color and newness, summer has sun and water, and Fall (what I call Autumn) is ablaze with color and harvest, cooler temps and the beginning of holidays. Winter brings cold, Christmas, hot chocolate. I had to stretch on that last one, as Winter is not my favorite. 
     Do you have a favorite season? What is it about it that you anticipate? Feel inspired by?

     I hope to enjoy this change of seasons. I'd like to take lots of photos and spend time reading and writing outside. I might even get those three pumpkins on the porch like I say I will every year and never do!

Here is short poem, just for fun.


Leaves change their color
a glorious display of
hue and tone;
vibrant before their demise
how bold
how exuberant
one last show before they go.
Leaves alter
lives alter
one step on the path
that never ends
nothing stays the same.

My Mom's Maple Leaf Quilt.... I love it!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Birthing Into Life; A Poem and Dedication

Today I have a poem about life changes, creating yourself anew. It has been a theme with me for a while now. I dedicate this poem to Wayne Dyer, author and inspirer-of-my-soul. I am saddened by your passing, wish I could have told you how much you influenced my life, yet hold the knowledge that we are one (so you know) and that love is the answer to it all.


I am birthing a vision
a dream
creating  the reality
my soul longs to breathe;
with raw passion burning
nurturing my desire
a hunger thrives and grows.
I am busy birthing a new life-
my Self, reborn
taking constellations
creating galaxies.
It is no easy task
creating a new life
my mind is occupied with the task
of using the building blocks
of intention and purpose;
I cannot sleep when inspiration strikes
and a grounded sense of being and oneness
washes over me.
So now you are a witness now
to the anticipation growing within me
to the new life I
am birthing;
this new life is a Self expanded
all embracing and all-encompassing.
It is my destiny.

What do you wish to birth into your life?

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Words that Inspire


Words that inspire come easy at first
bubble over like a bottle of cheap champagne;
phrases that mean nothing
on the surface
suddenly voice themselves
and make their presence known -
their presence with their sticky truth
alter what you think is possible. Exotic.
Innocuous words inspire if the time is right
their sparks touching the joy-light within;
the feel of dreams touching earth
is like nothing words can describe
even though they try
and the soul rejoices as heaviness lifts and
lightness descends
infusing the atmosphere
with inspiration.

 This is a poem I wrote after thinking about inspiration, goals and dreams. I have read so many books on those very topics and love many quotes about them as well.  Do you have a favorite quote, saying or book on motivation ,inspiration, dreams? How do you stay inspired?

     Thank you for sharing my words today!!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Friendship, Poetry, Inspiration

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by today!

     I have been inspired to write a poem about friendship today, thanks to a dear friend. I am very grateful for the friends I have. I am thankful for the support and encouragement that I received from them when I opted to start writing. My life is richer because of my friends. I have a feeling you could say the same. Friends enrich our lives in so many ways, don't they? Through ups and downs, they are there for us. And we are there for them. So, here's  my poem. Inspired by the greatness that is friendship.


Something winds its way among souls
a force both fragile and strong
It brings joy and deep, shining grace
to what seems like million mornings
and the peace of mind
born of a tender knowing;
it is a journey of still movements between hearts
and grows ever richer
ever deeper
with the involvement in the tears and dreams
of another;
our hearts are opened, our spirits expanded
by the expansive, encompassing love
of friendship.

Thanks for checking out my poem today.
Be well and stay inspired. Hug a friend today.

In the eyes of a true friend you will always see yourself.

Friday, July 31, 2015

A poetic reflection

Here are a few poems today. I have been busy finishing my WIP and have been doing a lot of reading. For my birthday I bought myself a book of poetry, a book of poems by Rumi, of course!
Staying inspired is my goal. Ah, poetry!
Thanks for reading and reflecting on the many moods of my poetry. Life is awesome.

Be aware of the beauty all around you today.


It is in the quiet that your soul expands
rises to the blossoming it was made to do
Stillness coaxes joy out of something
something magnificent and hidden;
Love settles down in the quiet recesses of the heart
and hope guides the activity of thought;
all of this activity takes place in quietness
with steady focus and direction
Life is stirred in moments of quiet
truth revealed and joy expanded
Live life through the whispers of quiet
and watch the mystery unfold.


I look in a mirror
seeing not myself
I see a glory yet becoming
a dazzling star shining radiantly
it is truth looking back at me
eternal wisdom with eyes of grace
I see an expression of love's yearning
I see myself
I see Love
reflected in the mirror.

thanks again for sharing my love of words and being part of my poetic journey!!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Deserving Joy


                                                               DESERVING JOY


    I deserve joy. I said the words quietly to myself, not out loud. It was a statement, more like an affirmation, really. It felt unnatural and yet I knew it shouldn't feel that way to make a statement about something that should be self-evident. We all deserve joy. That includes me, and it includes you!
    I stepped back after I made the statement to myself about deserving joy. The raw power of the statement rattled me. I wondered why. Didn't I believe I was deserving of joy? Had I even defined joy for myself?
    I needed to get clear on what joy was for me before I could claim the truth that I was worthy of it and see it in my life. After realizing this I took it upon myself to do just that. Define joy for myself. Have you ever done that?
    I began to see that, for me, joy is based on deeper, longer lasting principles. Joy is based on  a sense of gratefulness, a recognition of our good. It is walking through life with enthusiasm and excitement. You have an awareness that all is as it should be and rest in a sense of security as well as hope for the future. This is different than happiness, which is fleeting and often based on swiftly changing circumstances. Did I get that letter in the mail today? How well did my new recipe turn
out? Those type of things. No. Happiness doesn't go as deep as joy. Happiness is skin-deep while joy is soul-deep.

     I think today I will think more about deserving joy. How we all do. So often we push away our good by not allowing ourselves to open up to it. I say let's take time to consciously expand the space within us that receives all good things. That is open to joy.
     I wish you a growing sense of joy now and always. Thanks for being a part of my joy as I write from the heart. I'd love it if you'd share your definition of joy and spread the love!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Personal Dreams and Wishes


     Glad you stopped by.
Today's poem is about wishes and dreams.
I have been thinking a lot about personal dreams, life dreams, wishes of our heart.
I have even been reading my inspirational books again. I love to read those over and over.
Staying inspired is so important!
Have you realized a dream recently? Are you working toward a dream?
I hope you are surrounded by inspiration. I hope your  inner-fire is well-lit.

     Sometimes in the pursuit of a dream things in life change more than we think they will,
more than we think possible when we first start on the journey. Thinking about that, and the nature of dreams and wishes, prompted the poem below.


Wishes and Dreams

My wishes are luring me
enticing me
my dreams shine like stars
twinkling in the galaxy of my soul's expanse.
I wonder what fuels my dreams,
turns wishes into reality-
is it love that spurs the rising of my dream
and keeps it flame brightly burning-
or is it desire for expression?
My soul wants to dance in the delight
of my dream's fulfillment,
it wants to sing with exuberant glee.
My wishes have become my dreams,
the breath of my body
 now alive with anticipation
at the realization of my dreams.

     So, once again, as we go through our week, I hope you have the chance to dream. To see a dream fulfilled. Dream a little dream!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Poetry and Truth

Hello! Today I have a poem for you.
Thank you for visiting with me today!
I am posting only one poem for today but really hope you like it. It is one of those
poems that speak of  the experience of your inner self, of looking within.
This topic has been a personal one as of late, and seems to inspire a poetic feeling within me.
It is similar to when I would read a nonfiction book that gave me bursts of insight and awareness.
So, for all those aha moments, here goes!


Somewhere inside of me lies the truth;
joy and wisdom reside in harmony
waiting my permission before they go,
before they burst forth from within
and radiate outward
to greet a life on purpose;
Somewhere inside of me lies wonders untold;
dreams and emotions dwell side by side
leading me forward even as past memories linger
like the wind that gently carries a boat
across the water;
Somewhere inside of me
is Me.

Thanks again for sharing in my poetry and writing life.
I appreciate you!

Go out and enjoy today. Life is truly amazing. All you need, you already have within.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer plans and Poetry


     I have been embracing the beginning of summer and am amazed at how fast time is going.
It will be the Fourth of July soon! Who has plans made already? Not me.
     I stepped back from my WIP  earlier but now I am back into it. I am feeling inspired to write poetry again. That feels wonderful!

     Plans for the rest of the summer includes writing, promoting, planning ahead. Maybe visit the pool a few times. I have been walking on a regular schedule, which feels good. I need to get back into my yoga.

     What refreshes you and keeps you motivated? I have had such kind words and actions expressed on my behalf that it makes me burst with gratitude. I appreciate such encouragement and support. Wouldn't the world be so much better if we just helped each other rather than ignored each  other, competed with each other, kept ourselves so busy we can't think straight? But that's another topic!

    Here are some poems that I have written recently. I hope you enjoy!


Are you watching
for a vision of me to appear?
How still are you keeping
your restless mind -
prone as it is to wondering?
Wandering thoughts and quickened
pass the time until you sit
in darkness
looking for a sign
any sign
of Me
and I am there
I am here
Always watching over


The ocean is your playground - your delight,
with offerings of life and mystery to behold;
for me it is a power,
a link to life's wonder,
with secrets kept and answers held.
The beauty and majesty of the boundless blue
overpowers me  - my senses are subdued by the sound of the rushing waves
and the tang of salty air;
I feel so small
I feel the truth of my place in time and space
standing here with my heart facing the ocean
and my feet rooted  softly in the sand.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Writing on vacation

      Ah, home. Nothing like it. Especially when you first get back from a vacation.
Getting back from vacation, I immediately noticed how much can change in 8 days.
Flowers and weeds exploded. Strawberries ripened. Peaches on our tree grew ! Such a fun thing to watch. I anticipate summer all year and relish the sight of things growing. Speaking of that, my cat was happy to see me then treated me with a little spell of feigned ambivalence. What? Was she used to being without me that quick? Or was she mad at me for leaving? Miss Independent. She thinks I can't feel her purr when she sits on my feet at night on top of the covers. Ha. Jokes on her. I know!

     Anyway, I am back and have to make progress with my writing and some needed home repairs.
I need to set some goals for the next few months and figure out the direction I want to go with regards to my writing. I thought I might write some poetry while on vacation and even took some paper and pen (!!) but only managed a little bit of writing. I mostly let myself get quiet. I spent time staring into the blue abyss of water and inhale. I thought a lot about how I want answers to certain questions, clarity, and yet I might not receive them if I have my mind on the past or the future. Why is it so hard to be fully present in the moment? In the now? At least, it is for me. I think I am getting better at focusing on the now, on letting go of a future-oriented way of thinking. Slowly.
     With some writing projects done and one almost at the half-way point, I am excited to see what the next few months will bring. My current WIP, dealing with my experience of Turner Syndrome,
has hit a block that I need to push through. I will push through, though. I am aware that my stumbling blocks are self-made and emotional in nature. I know I can get through it and write the rest of my story. Then I will be able to offer a piece of myself to the world. I do that with my poetry, but this is scarier.  This is way scarier. And exciting.
     I ask myself, what is next after you finish this? I don't know. Yet.
      Enjoy some vacation pics, and thank you so much for being a part of my writing journey!
Today is the day. Make it beautiful.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Reflections on Poetry


 Poetry, beautiful poetry! I have been enjoying reading and writing poetry for a long time now. I  did not keep my first collection of poetry, unfortunately. I wish I had them just to read over, so I could get a feel for what I was feeling at the time. For me, poetry is about feeling the energy of the moment. Being present.
     I like the honesty of bold poetry, the realness it holds. It captures you and resonates with you in its simplicity. Then again, the meaning of each poem can be, and rightly so, interpreted differently be each individual that reads it. I like that personalization, too.
     I am still looking for a home for my second book of poetry, Echoes of Moonlight.
I am hopeful. I am determined. My dream is alive, however stressed and tested!
     I have some new poetry for you today. I hope you enjoy. Thank you so much for sharing my writing!


It was in the garden
surrounded by an early mist
that I  first felt a sense of mystery,
of awe at nature's raw
overwhelming beauty;
the essence of eternity breathed through the plants
through red and white and green;
I was silenced by the moment of love
permeating the chilly dawn.
Wisdom had greeted me that morning.


Do the words come because of the tears,
or do the tears come because of the words?
I sit alone in silence attempting to write
yet I pause, feeling frozen, in suspension.
Every moment has led to this moment
and my vision leads me now
to uncharted waters.
Nothing left but to choose my words
and my vision, carefully.
We create , I create, with the speaking
and writing
of words.

Life is beautiful. Savor it. Today.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Poetry and Wisdom


    I have been writing poetry again  and will probably be shopping for another journal. I like to write
my poetry by hand and then type it later, putting it where it needs to go.

    I have been thinking about wisdom lately, and how I named my cat Sophia Dawn, for the dawn of wisdom. What does wisdom mean to me? It means listening to your  highest self, your spiritual true self. It means choosing life-affirming thoughts and actions. It means choosing love.

     I never thought of myself as one who makes rash moves, one who leaps without thinking. But since last year I have taken such unlike-me actions that it makes me wonder, did I make a wise choice? Was I acting from a place of being guided by wisdom? I guess you might say I reflect on things a bit! Lol.
     Anyway, nearly two years ago I brought home my new kitten. I knew just what to name her. Sophia Dawn, for the dawn of wisdom. I was really seeking answers to some personal questions at the time.  I love my cat! Even if she has ruined a couch and some woodwork!

Below I have a poem about wisdom. I hope you enjoy. Oh, and a picture of Sophia, too.


Wisdom speaks and we do not listen
Wisdom cries and our response is to ignore
Wisdom breathes into us; like a gentle breeze it washes over everything at one.
After our resistance stops
acceptance dawns within us
understanding and knowing grow
changing the heart of  the one who allows it
a place to be.

From Sophia and I: Thank you!  Happy reading!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Writing Events and More


Hello! How are things going this spring so far for you?
Can you believe it is April?
How much spring cleaning is planned or done? I need to get started!
I also need to keep track of my writing projects.
I am submitting my poetry book and have spent time on  
and I have been slowly  adding poems  to a growing collection for another book.
I do not have a title for this book of poems.  The one I am sending out is titled
Echoes of Moonlight. 
I hope to have a home for it soon!

     Until then, may I share my first poetry book with you?
It is titled Sing to me of words, and it is not only my first book of poetry, it is my first book. I self-published it while still working full-time.
It is a book of devotional-style poems. Uplifting and soul-searching.  if you like spiritual poetry, then try my poems! I am to inspire with my words.

Check out a gift from my  heart. Poetry is meant to touch the soul!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Poetry of Now

Welcome to a few more poems! I am very excited to be in
many places with my poetry... on FB groups, here, and at 
 Also, I am working on another collection of poems. It might be another chapbook. I
will keep you posted!


A quiet acceptance I do not want to fight
any  longer;
when the rages wash over me
I am brought to the reality of my knees
touching the earth.
Acceptance gives me peace
cools the embers of the flames
that consume me and enables me
to stage my rising.


a quiet inspiration grows
blossoms into the rarest of flowers
in the garden of my heart
where my dream resides

Thanks for enjoying a moment of poetry with me. I plan to gather some reading inspiration at the library soon. What do you read for inspiration?