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Recognition: Poetry of an Aha-Moment

Hello! Thank you for stopping by. I am so thankful that you decided to spend a few minutes here. Welcome!     I hope you like my newest poems. They come from a time of quiet reflection, of going still and opening myself up to how much I have to be grateful for. They also came from really embracing who I feel that I am- that we all are. Here is one poem, with more to come soon! Recognition   I am surrounded in the dark by a shining light, I am pulled into a pool of warmth and bathed in shimmering peace. This moment feels frozen - full - and I am empty. Even in this space love grows - especially in this place - I sense a truth settling over me; I am part of all that I see and it is part of me. Eternity exists within us all, and those with eyes to see see only Love. Thank you again for sharing in my heart's calling. Stay in Love!

Moments; A poem of self reflection

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. I hope your year is getting off to a great start! I have stocked up on books for reading through this cold spell and have been inspired. Inspired to embrace the moment more, to live in awe and appreciation. I hope you enjoy the poem. Stay inspired, and listen to what the moment has to say. MOMENTS Far away  tucked in my memory is an idea, a dream, a knowing, that all of life's treasures are held in this moment- and I am here to savor them all.

Happy New Year: Poetry of New Beginnings

New Year, New Dreams Happy New Year!! Welcome 2018! On the beginning of this new year  I am looking forward to many good things happening and I feel grateful for all that last year brought me. I even bought a planner for the year and am so excited to use it! Here is my poem about new beginnings.   New Beginnings Starting out with visions dreams and unfulfilled longings the heart steps forward in faith with hope and love besides; what lies ahead stirs the soul to greater heights than a whispered verse in the dark. Take the dawn of new beginnings into your heart's chamber nurture the moment's potential with tenderness and gratitude for all things begin as a thought that has been loved into reality. Happy New Year; may this be a year full of many great things for you!