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Placing Yourself : A Poem about Place

Hi! Thank you for stopping by. This most recent poem I have is inspired by many things... songs on the radio that I have heard recently, favorite quotes that keep reappearing on social media, and even books that I am reading again. The current theme of not feeling like you belong, and then finding that place, is what my poem is about. Actually, it is about awakening to the fact that where you are at the moment is perfect, for you, for the present. The present contains all that you need. The future, whatever you wish it to be, is waiting. You will get there. Just remember that  now holds the beauty, the promise, the love, that you dreamed of yesterday! Finding Your Place Seeking, looking turning around with the goal of resting once you find your place did you really have to go anywhere at all This restless energy can be stilled by a breath a whisper hushed upon the dream of your heart in the quiet moment you see your place the place yo