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Ready for Adventure: A Poem of Adventure

Hi! For today I have a brief poem. Are you ready for adventure?   Adventure   Take the adventure that faith provides- life wants to share moments of joy with you, wants to show you the beauty that is around you. That is You. Embracing beauty, embracing yourself, is part of the adventure. It will take you to the far reaches of eternity, where love dwells. Are you up for an epic trip? Just open your heart and fly.

Dreams of Now: Poetry of Stillness and Encouragement

Hello! Thank you for stopping by. Here are a few of my newest poems. Enjoy! Just Be Be in the space of allowing let abundance dance in the light of your happiness Breathe in the air of peace as it washes over you This is the moment to own your gift to celebrate all that you are because love is and always will be for you part of you Always Wake Up Wake up and don't give away your dreams to the night Infuse them instead with love let the light dawn upon them so they may bloom at first light; though winds may blow they are no match against the power of your heart beating for a dream