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I think we're lucky, a children's book review!

Hello! I am going to tell you today about a wonderful children's book I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing. It is titled But Aren't I Lucky That ... written by Deanna  Beech. This book does an incredible job  of engaging children and getting very important life messages across. From doing good to acceptance and gratitude, this book encompasses many vital aspects of social and emotional development. Plus, it is just fun to read! I enjoyed this book very much. I can see so much value in reading and discussing the messages within this book with your child. I love the value, the mindset it teaches, the heart behind the words. I am glad beyond measure that there are books like this out there, that the author penned such a lovely book. We need more books like this! Check out her book, you will be glad you did. It is now on Aren't we lucky to have such a wonderful author with a heart for inspiring and guiding through books for children? But A

Poetic Musings

Hello, and welcome. This is a poetry post! I have been  churning words around in my mind. Here goes! Emerging Emerging from darkness Self-imposed I feel the wind of regret wipe across my skin It penetrates deeply Into the marrow of my soul Burning Finally it fades, leaving ashes Dust I press onward toward the light My destiny shines before me Time is spent embracing now The journey changes by my choice My decision No more regret, only acceptance And knowing Follow me Home Mystery There is the mystery of me knowing you You knowing me Me knowing me How did we ever forget who we  are I wonder Is this discovery all there is What else matters But dreaming, living Being awake to The mystery Ok, folks, that's all for today. Thanks for reading my poetic musings! Much love and happy reading! Kimberly

I have been writing...

What have I been writing? My first fiction story, for one. Getting close to my word count goal on that. Amazing experience. One thing I l have learned - I wish I was more technologically gifted! I encounter so many things I don't know how to do and part of the learning process for me is figuring out how to do those things! Also, I have been writing poetry. I have a full-length book of poetry completed and have been submitting that to places taking full-length poetry books. Yes! So exciting. For Valentine's Day I revamped by short story; Love Notes, 30 Things About You That Make Me Smile. I wrote it last year but changed it some, putting it back on Amazon. I love the new cover! Here is the scenario: A young wife has no gift for her husband for Valentine's Day and opts to creatively spend thirty days showing her husband in small, meaningful ways how much she loves him. This is a clean, short read, now for 99 cents. I know it is past Valentine's Day, but l

Someone has new poems!

Hello!  Today I am posting some poetry. I hope you enjoy! I wrote these in the midst of compiling poems for a book and also working on an e-book of inspirational sayings for women with Turner Syndrome, which I have. I don't want to go into that here, just as a backdrop. Anyway, I have been enjoying writing poetry again. It adds something to my life that is hard to describe. What adds that special something to your life that is hard to define, very much a part of who you are or how you see yourself? Share if you would like to! Okay, now time for the star of the show.... Someone Somewhere there is a dream calling you Somewhere there is a fire consuming you Somewhere there is magic - it is in you. around you, beside you; Somewhere there is Someone who will light the fire that fuels the magic of your dreams and that Someone is You. Advice Listen to your truest self wisdom expressed love personified your life is not what you think