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Being Love: A Poem on Being Love

Hi! Today I have a brief poem about being that which we are, which is LOVE. Hope you enjoy!! Being Love I am love, You are love; the space between us is love, too. I go within to discover there is no outside - there is only love love swirling, circling, spiraling through galaxies and lungs and churning oceans. The heart beats to the tempo of love's melody resting upon a note frozen in time and I know I am love, I am love I AM LOVE.

Seeking Wisely: A poem about looking within

The gift is within. The answer is within. These words we have heard before, but what do they mean? To me, they mean that for every obstacle we face, every storm that comes our way, during every trial, there is something within us that we can access that will see us through. This something is always present, deep within us, and it means we are never alone. I have had to access this part of myself more often than I would like, as have we all. As part of our journey, it is part of our story. And so it is. In thinking on this, I was inspired to write a poem. I hope you enjoy!! To Seek They say to seek, so I sought. They say to be open, so I opened my heart. Then one day I stopped. There was no joy to be found even after all my searching and doing. I felt through all that was surrounding me, releasing more as time went on. I moved again and had to stop. Forced to remove a stumbling block, I surprised myself  at how easy it was. Lau