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What Writing Has Taught Me

Welcome! Today's post is about what writing has taught me. Sounds funny, right? I am nearing a year of focusing on my writing and have just finished a second poetry book. I am nearing completing my first fiction as well. So in addition to learning about what it means to be an indie author I have been writing. Why would I step back and think, what has this taught me? Because that's how I roll. I am wired to look within, to assess what I am getting out of something. For good or bad, this introspective girl asks questions. So when I ask myself what I have learned, what I have gained in knowledge about myself, here is what I have found. In writing, I like to invoke feeling and emotion. When I look within, I know what I want to say. Goals are important. Being flexible is key. I can motivate myself. I value my writing time. The support of others is invaluable. I need quiet in order to write. Patience. These realizations did not happen in the order I list

Women of Wonder

Hello! In a writing frenzy lately and I haven't posted much poetry in a while, so here I go. I was inspired to write this poem after listening to some music. I love that music, actually the lyrics, really inspire me to write poetry, which I see as kind of a song of the soul. So here is my poem, about the power of having a mindset of wonder. Of being open and receptive. See what you think. Let's be women of wonder! Woman of Wonder Are you a woman of wonder who wonders about life love and eternity, too? Are there questions your soul longs to have answered that your mind spins and your restless heart skips a beat at the thought of them being answered? I am here to say stay strong woman of wonder feed the flames of your desire your curiosity for it is Me you seek Wisdom and I stand at the gate of truth guarding the entrance to its chambers I call forth everyone and so few listen instead choosing folly and vice, but the open heart and gent

Singing your song

Hello! Hope you are having a beautiful day. I am pretending it is spring. Want to join me ?  If you like winter cold and ice, it is okay. I will send it your way!! Ah, today is like no other. We have today, a gift. To enjoy. I intend to enjoy it. Do you? Even with all there is to do, all that needs fixing or whatever, it only takes a moment to reach within and see how beautiful life really is. How wondrous everything really is. So I invite you to take a moment now, today, to step back and see life with new eyes. Not because it is a new year. No. Because you become renewed when you get silent and release distractions, when you let go of keeping the weight of the world on your shoulders and breathe just to get through the things you must do  on your list. When you start to listen to the song of your heart, your spirit. It sings. Even in winter. I promise. Can you hear it? Can your hear your song? I think mine was like a caged bird, getting louder and louder until I could no lon

What rejuvenates you?

Happy 2015! I wish you a great start to the new year and thank you for visiting with me. Today's topic is on the subject of rejuvenation. With the new year starting I have been thinking about feeling revitalized, energized, focused. Keeping that in mind, it wasn't until today when walking the dog with my husband that I took in the blue sky and felt the sun on my face. Yes it is cold outside but, still! Bright sun! Blue skies! After weeks of gray skies I was desperate for some blue skies. I am a spring and summer person. Give me the beach and sandals- or barefoot on the beach. Ah. That's more like it! Frozen toes and hands make me grimace. Cold is painful. Anyway, on our walk in the sun I realized that I am truly without a doubt energized by the sun- even on cold days. Blue skies uplift my mood. This lead me to wonder about the effect color has on us. Interesting studies have been done. I know my favorite color - green - is symbolic of growth and healing. Yes. I love that.