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Personal Choices: Poetry for those times you have to decide

\ Hi! Welcome back! Here are some new poems. I hope you enjoy them. Most of my writing this summer has been put toward  either a new chapbook or full-length poetry book that I am working on. I am amazed it is already August. How about you? Decisions Look carefully, slowly within for the answer you seek is already there the path is already paved You are not alone in your quest and inspiration will find you when you rest when you allow yourself to just be Place your faith in your inner wisdom and your choices will be clear your decisions will bring you peace Adventure What does the soul crave adventure or purpose - maybe knowledge, perhaps? For the seeking of things draws them near, with the hum of  their fulfillment becoming more dear and it leads me to wonder why do I feel like something is missing if I am not sure of what to do next if my plan of action isn't detailed enough Perhaps I would do well to stop embrace the moment