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Whispers ..

Finding, or rather rediscovering, that I have a deep love for poetry has been a life changing event for me. I think it is because I feel that self expression is an art, and poetry is a form of that. I recently went to the art museum in town and truly enjoyed the experience of being surrounded by numerous forms of art from various time periods. Creativity and self expression, be it from a brush or pen, inspires me. I often think of the time and dedication it took to hone those innate skills.. I know talent needs refined and working on something with a defined goal draws that talent forth. But I am getting off track here a little bit! What inspires you, causes you to take a breath of wonder from deep within, makes time stand still? What talents do you possess- and you so have some- that the world would rejoice to see released? These questions I am asking are not light ones but they are meaningful. So pause when you can and reflect on them, perhaps letting them bring you to insights that

Looking and seeing

Today I am enjoying the weather and have given myself time to read and write. What a great thing! I recently took a vacation so I am posting a picture of that...nothing like your favorite spot to inspire creativity! It is also nice to come away from something with a sense of being expanded, enriched. I was inspired to write two poems after reading Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist ! Oh, what a book! Truly loved it. Read it straight through and plan to read it again soon, making note of key phrases and such. Tremendous insight in that book! Anyway, my point is that things around us speak to us of truth all the time, if we will only slow down and listen. Life is so fast paced these days that much is missed or at the very least taken for granted. When we acknowledge that we are surrounded by blessings, always, it becomes easier to see these blessings and to fill our lives and the lives of others with joy. It all starts with a willingness to look and see! Look look around you look w