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Inspired Words : A Poem of Divine Assistance

Hi! Thank you for stopping by today. I have a poem today inspired by quiet meditation. It was during a quiet time of meditation that I felt these words come over me, almost in a rush. I had been contemplating being open to guidance, to the themes of oneness and unity, and was struck by how strongly I felt the realization that my words, my thoughts and feelings, are always heard. I left my quiet time feeling peaceful and also with a measure of gratefulness and awe. Here is the poem below. Hope you enjoy! Inspired Words I sense your presence in stillness and beauty, I hear your voice in a song; love echoes back to me your sentiment, your intent. Standing before me I see outstretched all things lovely and divine; deep within I recognize them as You. I rest in the vision that has a hold of my heart, knowing my life has never been left to chance- my days not set by circumstance. You helped me see that. Reaching for dreams has been our forte, with tenderne

Message of Encouragement :a poem

HI! Today I will let the words of the poem speak for themselves.  As alwaysthank you for stopping by. I wish you  beautiful moments.. one right after the other. Let the words flow -come as they may- release all that has you bound so you can stand before me unencumbered, ready to fly to unimaginable heights,  to see your dreams come alive Let the words flow, unleash the tide of pushed-back feelings that threaten to drown you. I say let the words flow gently furiously powerfully- until you have nothing left to say. When you have said your peace peace will find you and I will be there celebrating.

We Are: A Poem about Women

Happy Women's Day!! My poem to celebrate! Hope you enjoy! We Are We are the mothers, sisters, daughters, friends and wives and lovers within and of the world. We embody divine love; we nurture life, possibility and dreams; we have visions, and, despite how hopeless it sometime seems we carry on. We are your cheerleaders and our own as well; we are creators of our destiny and our power runs deep. When we listen to ourselves others will listen, too. We chant what we are, we sing what we are and dance to what we are- now we are writing what we are onto the page. Our words, too, show who we are.