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From Reader to Writer, from Writer to Reader

Writing my poetry. Then reading it. Repeat.      The beginning of a poem for me usually comes all at once- a line or phrase, maybe a bit more. Then I freeze. I read what I have and sometimes the rest just flows. Other times I stop, thinking that it isn't quite done yet I am hard pressed to add more. More and more I am stopping at some point in my poem. I don't get frustrated. No. I get excited! I know something delicious is cooking, stewing, almost ready. I can't rush it- like I can't rush a roast or turkey or even a pie. So, the part where I step away and let myself relax into my poem is becoming a favorite part. An enjoyable part of my writing. I do have a poem I wrote in one sitting. It came to me all at once like I was writing down something already written. I think this poem was already written - in my heart. It describes how I have felt in the past about certain books, certain authors. I get so much from books! Here is  poem I hope you enjoy, going with

You Can - Poetry of Positivity

Hello! I have a poem today that exemplifies motivation, self-encouragement, confidence and dreams. I have been thinking a lot lately about  what inspires, what propels us toward our dreams. I hope you enjoy!! You Can You can do this You can! If you listen closely you will hear the voice of possibility singing within the chambers of your heart... It sounds like love. Love is the call to which all hope responds, love is the whispering echo to reach for your dreams. Knowings are deeper than adopted beliefs - perhaps - and they tell you You Can Do This.

Spring Delight

Hi! Today I just have a short poem about spring. I love many things about Spring. What's your favorite season? Spring Embracing the warmth of spring sunshine floods the air, color explodes into  a riotous display of exuberance; with the promise that new life brings blowing on the wing of a butterfly. Spring immerses the senses in delight in joy in Love.