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Knowing the Self: a moment of self awareness

Thank you for joining me today. I am going to let my poem speak for itself  today, but I want to wish everyone all the best. I appreciate you!! Knowing Seeking something unknown - yet familiar - you exist In the silence your longing resonates with the voice inside your heart and suddenly the winds of wisdom wash over you and you know you know who you are at last At that moment purpose and peace shall find you having never left you at all.

Gratitude: Poem of thankfulness

Grateful Heart is the title of my poem for today. I have been really focusing on my blessings, what I have to be thankful for... which is everything I have in my life! I have so much, the time to write, health, family, home. This life on this earth!! All that makes my soul happy I have right now. I have made a conscious effort to bring more of what makes me happy into my life, and to be an appreciator. Even the hard things are in some way giving me something that I need or can learn from. So, here's to pausing and reflecting on all that we have! Grateful Heart Gratefulness invades my soul like a waterfall bursting out into the open spilling everywhere spreading joy everywhere; the sounds of life, reverberating harmony in sweet time-space motion and I get to embrace it all! Things like love and sunsets hugs and soft furry kittens mingle with the happiness of a certain voice then I see that I need nothing else at all. Grateful

Embracing Your Dream... A poem to inspire

Here's to listening to the call of your soul. Your Dream Don't give up on your dream the one that takes your breath away the one that feels like sunshine and oxygen... you have every help available to you the force of the universe lies within you and around you waiting for you to demonstrate your readiness to receive your dream Even if you have to do it slowly open, open, open your heart and face the dawning of your glorious dream.