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What song is within You?

Welcome here! I hope you are well. I am ready for February! Having just a few moments alone gave me the opportunity to reflect on what I am feeling, especially concerning creating the time and space it takes to know and nurture what it is that fulfills you. I wish it wasn't so hard to do that. Anyway, all this reflecting helped inspire this poem. Hope you  enjoy,  and that you hear your song. Song I hear the call of my song The melody stays in my head I am gasping for air now Every time I think of living from The place my song comes from I want to stop the wanting And just be Be free to be who I want to be To give life and expression To the notes within my soul.

Beginning a new year!

Happy New Year! Things are getting off to a great start.  Welcome  2019! I have been thinking about what I want to bring to this year. An openness to whatever comes, an appreciation for moments of beauty. Peace. Joy. I found a picture that captures that very essence. I hope the poetry below instills a little of it, too. Vision Take your inner vision Nurture and protect your dreams  go where they are are nourished; leave the place where they are not. Bring sunshine to others but give it first to yourself. Moments Tiny moments burst with meaning full of love and circumstance time turns voice and physicality into heartbeat and song Yet I embrace the moment for the beauty it holds Its promises  and melancholy Its joyful sweetness to be savored Thank you for beginning the year  with me. I wish everyone a very happy and peaceful beginning to the new year!