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Sayings Inspired by Rumi!

     Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Here's what's new:I have been looking through notebook after notebook of poems and notes lately and found a tiny notepad meant to keep in your purse. I bought it last year and ended up writing a few inspired sayings in it after I bought myself a Rumi poetry book for my birthday. I am so inspired by Rumi, and love so many of his poems. I even started a board on Pinterest! I thought for today I would share some of my musings. While these aren't poems, they still evoke a sense of mood and mystery. Rather like the micropoems I have posted and read online, sometimes much can be said with very few words. I hope you enjoy! * Do we possess the moment or does the moment possess us? It is up to us to decide. *Quiet moments offer wisdom a window; do not close it once it has been opened. *Carry your vision instead of division in your heart. All dreams, all hopes, are valid. *A question. A look. My answer is already known, because my he

My Poetry Plans

Hi! I am busy writing poems again. Reading poetry, too. Do you have a favorite poet? I like Rumi. My plans for this year include submitting to contests and completing another full-length book of poems. I have been a bit inspired as of late to focus on affirmations and so my next collection of poems will be themed around that. I am so excited! I can hardly believe it is almost February already. On that note, I have written a love poem in anticipation of Valentine's day. Here it is: Excess I love you to excess- too much so they say but they haven't been in my shoes haven't felt the pain I have only to have it all washed away by a smile a touch, a look, a word. You saw me and I was seen for the first time and I knew you, too somehow. Our dreams support each other moonlight offers sanctuary in your arms; I think it is fine thing to love to excess.

Poetry, New Book, Dreams

Hello, and welcome to my poetry world. I am glad you are here! Today I am just enjoying going over previous poems that I have written. I have a few favorites! But, in all seriousness, each poem says something. Something about me. My feelings. My dreams. My life. In putting them together it is kind of like a diary (for me, anyway). A diary or record of my emotions and thoughts. I titled my second book after the poem below. It is a flash record of a particular sort of emotion, a tidal wave of feeling. It means something deeper to me than it appears to on the surface. Personal writing is like that. I hope you enjoy the poem! Echoes of Moonlight I remember your smile touching my inner love and I can still hear your voice saying my name in the echoes of moonlight that reverberate in my soul; it is with hunger that I feel your eyes upon me because all my senses are unfulfilled I am an empty shell of a woman without you you know it's true So I  come to you in the

Welcoming Inspiration

      Welcome to my first post of the new year. I am so encouraged by the way things are starting out. How are things going for you?      One thing that started my year off well is that I have started writing another collection of poetry that I hope to see turned into my third (!) book of poetry. The title even came to me, as if out of thin air, in a moment. I might change it, but so far I like what it is: Note to Self; Poetry of Affirmation. It feels good to be inspired again!      I hope things are starting off wonderful for you and that this year blossoms into something amazing.      Below is a current poem. I hope you enjoy!                                                           Dreams                               My dreams are mixed up with my memories                               vision blurred of love and loss                          time has no meaning but takes me                          to where I want to be