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Why I am a sprouting soul and you should be, too

I just spent days reading and rereading  "Sprouted Soul" by Doobie Shemer and I come away feeling changed every time. Changed into more. Changed by the sheer energy and emotion that is expressed within the pages of this collection of deeply intuitive and spiritual poems. The poems describe with yearning , agony and ectasy the delight of reaching for and finding the divine. The masterful use of divinely chosen words truly does transport you to a place of ethereal joy and longing, where your soul is laid bare and honest before you. This poetry book is powerful, moving and as divinely inspired as anything I have every read. Please, please, please get this book and give it as a gift to your highest self. You will be so glad you did! This is a brief post today, but I really want you to seek out this beautiful, love-filled poetry book by Doobie Shemer. It is a blessing waiting to be received! Find it at

Moving Poetry

This morning I want to give a shout out to a fellow poet who I came across recently. Her name is Shavonne L Jackson and her book of poetry titled "At Night She Cried" is available now. I enjoyed this book of poetry for many reasons. It is an honest, fresh and deeply introspective look at life that I found laced with wisdom, grace and honesty. There is no shying away from emotion here!   To me , the poems reflected self assessment , growth, evolution of a woman's soul. I felt many familiar emotions stirred up within me as I read these poems and I could feel myself pulled along on the journey the author wrote about in her poems. Reading them took me to places I had and still have within me, brought raw emotion to the surface. Isn't that what powerful writing does? This is a brief blog, but I would rather you go read the poems in this book! Check it out! Http:// Shavonne Jackson                  "At Night She Cried"


I am considering this morning all the gifts that I have and how lucky I am.  I have felt very loved this week, thanks to the outpouring of love I received  when things were getting a little too much for me! To be surrounded by support  and encouragement is such a blessing! Many times we are so busy making sure  we are there for others that we do not realize how much others are there for us,  or even that we need them. But we do, of course. And they are. So consider  this a recognition of the truth that love is always closer than the air we breath.  It is the air we breath. Love and many thanks! Some poetry from this week...                                                          Felt                                    I felt your love                                   across time                                   reach me and comfort me                                   calming my spirit;                                   as I seek answers                                   and look fo

Captured on paper!

Image I am loving micropoetry this morning and feel inclined to write on the theme of family as of late. Maybe it is the time of year or perhaps life in general, but I am going to have to organize my feelings through writing soon! My hope today is to focus on my goals, gain clarity and write !! There is a great deal of beauty in the world and as I step into this season of changes and growth I hope to capture some of it on paper!

Favorites then and now

    As I was driving in my car one morning I began to remember songs that I had liked in childhood and was struck by the fact that so many of them, when I thought of the lyrics, read like a poem. Awesome that even at even at a young age something inside of me responded to poetic verse and that the radio was my first introduction to words-albeit sung and accompanied by music-  that evoked emotion. Before I read poetry I could hear a tune and I would think " oh, listen to the words of that song! " It cannot come as a surprise, I suppose, that the longing and yearning, the push and pull of the heart, is what etched those songs into my brain. Ergo books and movies that I more than like, but love.    Titanic, Memoirs of a geisha, Gone With the Wind, to name a few. And books. I love books on the longer side, books that take you somewhere, someplace emotionally that changes you. Makes you think. Feel. Grow.      I think what we enjoy says a lot about us. As we change our likes

Season of inspiration

  So much newness in spring! I love the season of spring. Just the sight of color can sooth my restless spirit and can fuel my imagination with ideas and possibilities. Endless examples of life, growth, change. Everything is vibrant and new. Love is in the air, they say.   So you might say I personally feel inspired by spring. By weather that is warm, colorful. When it comes to writing we can look for what inspires us and use that in a way that brings a certain quality to what we write. This quality will shine through even if we can't identify what it is exactly.   Think to what inspires you, take care to not to keep yourself from those things for too long. Really, this is about being in balance and not being too extreme on either end of the spectrum. Burnout and lack of inspiration, while maybe not totally unavoidable at times, can be lessened and shortened intensity perhaps if we take steps to fill our days with as much of what inspires us as we can.     For me, the topic of