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     This morning I am thinking of what personally inspires me to write, what inspires me about others. Life in general. I recognize traits within others I admire and want to have within myself. I feel the world would be a better place if I expressed more of certain qualities, so I strive to do so. But what is it within others that uplifts us, just from being around them? How do we choose what inspires us.. Or does it choose us?      It is like a topic for writing. If an idea gets hold of us and settles in our minds, at what point do we give it the time and space it needs to develop? when we do it is perhaps the inspiration we feel that propels us forward. Focused and energized, we call ourselves inspired.       What is inspiration to you? A feeling of all things are possible ? A joyous emotion? The hope of making a better future? A combination of things? It is interesting that this answer will vary from person to person yet we all value having inspiration in our life and recognize it

Poetry in Motion

Today I am focusing on poetry. Why do I love it? Perhaps it is the play on words, the expressive nuances and double meanings. The ability to evoke emotion, speak of universal experiences in either a funny, serious or reverent way. The mood, the tone, the choice to be brief or expound at length.  Poems have always spoken to the reflective, inner seeker in me that ponders deep questions. Whatever we write, our words are an expression of our heart and mind , reveals the stirring with our imagination and focus of our heart.  It is with this being said I will leave you with a few poems.  My Dream My dream is coming true  to express my heart with words on the page;  soaring high on the wings of my destiny  I fly into the  abyss of joy. Rest Rest with me  let me into your troubled questions I will dry your tears I will fortify your soul; Rest with me  welcome me into your life   and the sun will shine again  upon you.

Word count

Beginning a new book, A Woman's Faith, early into ch3 and finding it wants to take its own path. Should I even bother giving a title to the chapters if they end up not even corresponding? Wow. And I wish I could let go of word count, just write. Getting stuck with what I want to say,trying to make it flow,  is a process that is teaching me patience! I tell myself, this is just the first draft! Editing will come later, so just write! Sometimes my ideas do not go with the current chapter so I jot them down for later.. To add or discuss in a future chapter.  Not a very organized method, but I think it will work for my right- brained self! At least I know I enjoy the genre of self-help and spiritual growth. It hit me the other day that I read so many of these type of books, and for a long period in my life they were so instrumental in my personal development.  I desire to write these type of books, to hopefully offer some benefit to someone, uplift someone, by my sharing my thoughts on

Forging ahead

Today I am back in the writing saddle again! After dealing with illness and adjusting to this extreme winter weather I am forging ahead with a new writing project. It is about faith, a very important topic to me. I started out with my first chapter coming along nicely and after beginning ch 2 I realized I may need to develop an outline! I know I could just write, see where it goes, edit as needed. This leads me to ponder automatic writing and wonder how that works. Fascinating topic, for me anyways!  I do have a word count goal for this book, which scares me a little as it is my first time doing this and it feels daunting! But I tell myself, slow and steady wins the race. On I go with my vision in my heart; also  I am about to make a life changing decision today as well. Needing fortitude, yet feeling inspired and grateful. Now to find my pen!