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Listening to Self and Writing Poetry

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Lately I have been working on new poems. I am inspired by spring coming up, by books I have been reading, by quotes that I have saved on Pinterest. But most of all I have been inspired by the recurring word; "Listen." The same word keeps appearing in all my reading material, and again as I browse on social media. In books, on Facebook posts, on Twitter. Over and over I see the admonition to listen. Listen to what? Perhaps to my inner Self. That part of me that responds to poetry, to spiritual and self-growth books. The part of me that feels the words that I write down. When I do, I notice that my poems come easier. They are more expressive. Ah. My poetry comes from a place that I listen to in silence. Sit before in silence. Open up to in silence. When we listen to others, we are giving them a gift. We are honoring them. When we listen to ourselves, we give ourselves a gift and honor ourselves. True? In the spirit of listening an

A Garden In Your Mind; Laura Ingalls, Inspiration and Manifesation

     Hi! Thanks for stopping by to share in my love of inspiring words. I have been reading a great deal about Laura Ingalls Wilder lately. I had forgotten that she wrote some poetry and also had forgotten how long she wrote for The Missouri Ruralist before penning her books. I loved those books and loved the show growing up! So much, so, that I named my cat Half-Pint when I was nine. Of course, it doesn't help that I am very petite myself (I am four-six. Thus the name for this blog!). In reading my latest find, titled Writings to Young Women from Laura Ingalls Wilder, On Wisdom and Virtue,  by Stephen W. Hines, I came across the phrase "these gardens in our minds." Laura is discussing when, in January, a friend calls and teases her about making a garden around the table in winter (looking at seed catalogs), she realizes that a successful garden does begin first in the mind. It is that way with anything we create- visualization is key!      I suppose that struck m