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Hi! Welcome! Thank you for stopping by. I am glad you are here. Today's poem is on miracles. Specifically, that life is full of miracles. You are a miracle.  Yes, YOU! How does that sit with you? So what does that mean, and why am I inspired to write about it? It means that life truly is amazing, that healings and happiness are our birthright. It means that I am focusing on seeing the good , as well as being the good . I am inspired to write about it because of the new year, because of books I have been reading, and just because I need life to feel that way. Below are some poems. I hope you enjoy! How I See How I see you how I judge myself tells the story of the past, not what I want to see in the future and it doesn't reflect reality only a dream one that we both agreed upon somewhere in love's continuum and now I choose to see only love only love only love Dervish I will dance and twirl in celebration in joy in t