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More new poetry and writing update!

Hello! Thanks for stopping by.  Hope all is well with you.  Today's poetry is inspired by what might be my next poetry book titled BELOVED.  I have been submitting my works titled JOURNEY OF A DREAM and SHY Of THE FIRE. Wish me luck!! I hope you enjoy the following poetry. THREAD Love runs a thread thru a thousand memories It lights the stars in the sky and Fuels the morning breeze If you listen You can hear it humming Whispering Across the mountains and over the ocean Carrying your dreams Holding your joy Love is the fabric and the thread that covers us Awakening us to the beauty of who we are. l

What happens when you believe... poems to encourage

When someone believes in themselves The whole world conspires To throw galaxies of confetti At their feet. Did you hear that? I just heard a whispering voice say Be careful where you walk... Don't forget to say I love you To others To yourself To your dreams    You know, the ones waiting in your heart    For you to rain blessing and sunshine    Upon them with your words.

New poetry!

Hi! Just poetry today. Hope all is well with you! I also hope you enjoy the poems below. Thank you for sharing in my work. It means so much! Love  I am all the love within the stars And you are the galaxy That holds  My light Light  You Shine your love upon me And I reflect your light To you  This is how  We light the sky. Moonlight  Softly carried on the water by Moonlight scented wind The image of your face Stays with me Resides in my heart Always

Feeling energized? Getting Inspired and going for it!

Hi! Thank you for stopping by. I am glad you are here. How has this year been for you, so far? Wow, it is already June! For me, it has been an emotional year - or should I say past few months. I am finding myself in the position of asking what do I really want to do with my life, my time, my passion? I want to be one who offers encouragement, insight, a bit of a nudge. I want my writing to uplift and inspire. So, with that being said, I have only recently begun to write my next poetry book and hold within myself the energy and inspiration to write. I was previously doing something that taxed me beyond what I let on to others and I had no energy left for writing, which is really my passion. Poetry, for me, stems from an untouchable place within. Stress and trying to force it does not work. Good news is I have been given the time to write for now and it feels so good!! I am writing more poetry than I have in a long time and I am allowing myself the cha