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Spark of Love; Tending to the Muse

Hi! Thanks for being here with me. How is your Spring going? I have been thinking about growth, life changes, the power we have within ourselves to be our own source of inspiration and strength. We are more amazing than we give ourselves credit for! I have a feeling you are a muse to someone, to many perhaps, so this one is for you. Blessings! Spark of Love The spark of love is alive, in you, ready to bloom and bursting with color. Grow! Bloom! Establish roots and surpass the past. Shine the in a million ways! Life is color, life is a song; all it takes is a muse to light the fuse, for you to have what you need when you are ready to show yourself the way. Go forth and find your muse! Let vibrant petals fall where they may as you stand in the sun and walk toward your destiny, you beautiful, incredible, spark of love! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing in my poetry. It means so very much to me!

Spring Reflection; poetry and beauty within

Hello! Thanks for stopping by! I have been very inspired by spring colors this week. With so much bad weather happening all over the place, I sought out photos and flowers to give me that much needed burst of color. That got me thinking about the act of providing ourselves with color. With joy. Our lives are colorful, beautiful expressions of love; we say we "brighten someone's day" or that someone has a "vibrant personality". What word speaks to you? sparkle? shine? vibrant?colorful? bold? Let that be your word, your inspiring platform, your self-descriptive tune. I say, it is time to be all of the above! Here is a little poem on the topic of Spring and renewal. Enjoy! What lies within What lies within lies dormant only for a time then bursts through the earth shooting upwards heavenward releasing potential even dreams ; beauty and power lie within dormant waiting for the sun of our allowance to shine upon the