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Deciding to Shine: A Poem of Quiet Contemplation

     Hello! Thank you for sharing in my poetry today. Recent events and emotions have brought about this recent poem. I feel that whatever is happening in my life, I need to have some sort of inspiration around. Something expressing joy and thankfulness, something uplifting. Using quotes, poems, and books, I have periods (like now!) where I need a boost more than others.       Reading my favorite authors and writing has become my way to reflect and gain a sense of peace and perspective. I have been so busy lately with everything but writing and when I finally did get a chance to sit down, it was like..... YES! But then, so many emotions welled up and tried to come out that I felt frozen. So, in order to still my thoughts and feelings I focused on one concept. My poem is about that topic. What do you think my topic is? Shine  What does it mean to shine? I think it means to radiate, sparkle embrace and express the divine within yourself. To cast a l

Embracing Something : A Poem of Awareness

 Here is a poem constructed after much thought on current life events. May it inspire and deepen your awareness of connectivity, unity, dreams and passion! Something There is something inside that calls and pulls at us, urging us to go forward - to embrace the restless side of our deepest Self. Knowing ourselves involves engaging with this shadow, this part of us that feels ancient, bold, powerful. How much time we spend engaged in the mystery how far we travel this time around depends upon our willingness, our joy, our readiness for something.