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Being all that you are: living true to yourself

Hi! Welcome! It's been a while since my last post. I hope all is well with you and that good things come with the better spring weather very soon. I have been hit with one theme over and over again lately, and that is the importance of living from an authentic place.  Being yourself in your day to day life. It seems hard to do for some reason in our culture. Why do we have to fight to just be ourselves? It is so tiring. Is it any wonder, we might have  hard time knowing others if we don't or won't  take time to know ourselves and to be that? Thinking about that led me to write some new poetry. I hope you enjoy! Me I am here dreaming working living trying to find my joy; Somewhere all that I love is waiting for me to embrace it claim it and my talents are bursting to be set free. I am so ready to just be me! Better World So if everyone expressed their gifts allowed their heart to shine sang their own unique song then We wouldn&