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A woman's faith and more

Greetings! I am finally doing a brief commentary on my newest book,  A Woman's Faith. It is a special book to me for many being the topic of faith is so important to me, and two, it speaks of my whole purpose for writing, which is to inspire and motivate and help others  even if just a little bit. It is my soul's deepest wish to bring comfort, insight and peace through my words. I  went through a great time of it in the beginning. I love to self-reflect and kept my pace as I was writing. For a while. Then real life set in. Issues in my work, my marriage, even my health, all fell upon me in what seemed like a one-time explosive bomb.  Struggling to do the everyday was so difficult, and usually writing helps me with that. But I couldn't find the positivity I needed, the inspiration. I felt almost dead inside. Isn't that crazy? To be in the midst of writing a book on something so meaningful and inspiring then have your 'mojo' leave you? I t

Going through Passages.. Exhibit and Conclusions

                                                                Welcome!!      Welcome to the world of reading and writing. That is what we may hear from others in the business and say to ourselves when we embark upon a writing career. At some point. Well, I was able to do just that when I went to an exhibit entitled "Passages" in my hometown that contained a treasure trove of artifacts and documents, dealing with the history and evolution of the Bible.  I saw fragments of Dead Sea Scrolls, scrolls and documents of various centuries, bibles of numerous regions and time periods and much more. I was indeed struck by the religious significance, of course, and was moved by that immensely, but  I was also  touched by the exposure to the theme of and tangible evidence of writing throughout time. Here are some things that I was struck by: 1. The importance of having a permanent record in writing. 2. The reason behind the text being written in the first place. 3. The value plac

A woman's faith

Hello! I am hoping this finds you well and ready for a wonderful August! Time goes by so quickly.. summer is here for a little while longer, then a change of seasons is upon us. Time for reflection is rare and precious, and yet the rewards are so vast! What came of my reflections and journaling is my latest book, my second baby if you will, that is ready for the world! It is a book about faith, in particular a woman's faith, hence the title,  A woman's faith. I feel strongly that faith is a personal matter, individual yet relational. It is the core of our faith that shapes us and directs us. After giving much thought to the matter of faith I wrote my second book. I would love for you to check it out and join me in celebrating the strength we have within!