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The Wonder of Poetry

Good day! Thanks for visiting my poetry blog today. Today's poem came to me rather quickly and expresses my feelings on awareness of unity, of the love and peace that resides within. Getting still, having time to be quiet and look within, has been challenging lately as I have been teaching summer school this year but it is so important to me that I do . I have also finished a book recently that impacted me and made me think about this topic. Who else likes deep, meaningful reading? I hope you enjoy the poem! The wonder of awakening freezes me in my tracks I am unable to breathe The bottom falls out from under me yet somehow I am still standing; in fact I am standing taller than ever shaky at first, sure then I gaze with peace upon peace let the mystery wash over me. I am facing the sun and rising higher lifted  above the circumstances that never really had any power to create my life - I see that now. I sing for joy at the discovery that I create