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The Power of Our Inner Light: A Poem of Reflection and Awareness

HI! Today I have  poem about the inner light we have within, the love we are and the love that we share and impact the world with. Being true to ourselves,  living from that truth, has become so important to me. I believe in our power to make a difference, to do something big. Do you? I hope you enjoy the poem today and welcome any feedback! Have a great day! Bringing Sunshine You are a light, a source of life, more resplendent than you know. You radiate timeless wisdom and create miracles you know not of. In your wake lie wonder, healing and peace. You bring sunshine to the world! This is something I don't want you to forget in the dark of night - that you are spreading rays of hope and inspiration upon all. The warmth of the dreams you cause to be fulfilled is felt as sunlight flowing through the atmosphere, as the love you bring flows, flows, flows, spilling into the shadows and into the light.