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Reflections on progress.. in lfe and story

Finding it hard to continue on with my story titled " Remembering"  but I will get back to it tomorrow. I am wanting to have the story help others who have gone through what I have went through and yet I also know a lot of my battles have been of my own making. Makes me wonder why we are so hard on ourselves sometimes. Even now I count my blessings as I wish for things to be different. What happened to contentment and seeing all we have been graced with? I have overcome a lot just like everyone yet do not focus on that grand truth enough. Time to start, I think.  If I can find the words to express this in my book it will guide me to finishing it, or at least get closer. Wish me luck, and may I see the guidance that is always near!

reflections of a bibliophile

   Today I spent a few hours in the library,  just looking at what was there for fun and also doing research. I found the sheer number of  cookbooks to be amazing, for example. I was able to see many new books that interested me and favorite books I have read before. I still remember the summer I read a particular book and how other books could not grab me the way that one did. I love to have several books that I am reading at once. Is that weird? Maybe. But I read fiction and nonfiction at the same time, so I mix it up a little. Maybe it is my way of being unusual, contrary. Or maybe it is just me, taking it all in, being me. Finally.
Today I have written 1000 words on basically what I have learned as a result of my experience having Turner's Syndrome. I am finding it hard to decide how to structure my story but it is exciting and rewarding. Loving this chance to express my heart, and all because of snow days. Go snow!

Happy New Year

I am so happy for it to be 2014 and I am looking forward to my experiencing the process of having more poems written and children's stories written and published. I just last week published on kindle through create space my first poetry book. So excited!!!