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Welcome Fall , welcome dreams...

Hi! Welcome back!! Thank you for joining me and sharing your time with me. I have been away for far too long!      I have been thinking about purpose so much lately. Do things need to have a purpose, do I have to be on purpose in all things? Where is the room for joy in relation to purpose? I guess I have been wanting to relax, to feel joyful  and on purpose. I feel the dullness that comes from not taking the time to do what makes me happy and have decided to change course. Making my fulfillment my priority!       The following poems are on this theme and I hope you enjoy. I also hope your fulfillment is your priority and that you are certain of its importance and possibility. Go for it!     Busy Too busy for silence for truth for the peace I crave. Catching my breath I feel out of place and restless. Staying busy doing what I no longer love makes me false and leaves me feeling lost. Somewhere in the daylight hours I lost sight of my dream , yet I find