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Creating and recreating with words: Reflecting on Writing Purpose and Joy

Hi! Thanks for being here today. In thinking about poetry and looking over what I have written so far, in addition to what I have been reading, I realized something. I have been creating and also recreating, I have been giving voice to my ideas and dreams, through the act of writing. I have expressed a vision as well as hope and faith. The life I desire for myself and others comes to fruition after it begins as a thought, held and nourished by the mind and heart. The words I long to write, need to write, do not come if I am not in that sacred place of unity within myself. Periods have gone by lately where I have no words to write because I am feeling an emotion that leaves me dry, uninspired, stuck. I long for that feeling of inspiration to come back but it cannot be forced. So imagine my thankfulness when a poem begins to form in my mind, slowly, gently. Not in a burst, a flash, like in the past, but rather like the slow rising of the sun that spreads it warmth and seeps in

Still in the moment: A Poem of Reflection and Awareness

     Hello! Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you like my newest poem. I get inspired by what I read and after reading this week I felt like I had a good topic for a poem- the gift,or gifts, that are presented to us every day. Simply by slowing down and appreciating all aspects of ourselves, our lives, we see that we are indeed given much to be thankful for. I am thankful for all that is present in my life, and one thing I look forward to is many more inspired moments of writing ahead!! Hope you enjoy the poem!  Still in the Moment   All of your moments come to you, by and by, with the intention of delivering the message of your divinity. Do not waste them!  Through the ages, through time and space, you learn to honor your humanity.  Cherish it!  Both are present. Now. One is eternal. There is joy is knowing that the flow of your breath links you to the source of all. All of your moments and all of mine come to us with a purpose. Let us not wast

Feeling Thankful and Going Forward: A Poet's Update and Assessment

         Writing poetry. Such a personal matter. Yet we share it with the world, and what was once in the most private recess of our hearts and minds is private no longer. Once on the page, our feelings and ideas are out there, exposed for all to see.  It is, for me, many things are once. Scary. Therapeutic. Healing. Joyous.      When I said "yes" to writing poetry, things began to change in my life. Funny how that works! I had so many poems bottled up inside that it felt as if I were literally releasing them, pouring them forth from somewhere deep and onto the page. The process of  my first book, of compiling those poems, was amazing. Then I wrote more and complied them into my second book. That one felt different. It was harder to write and yet each poem within it means something very special to me.      Now? I have a chapbook I am submitting and I am looking into contests. I am grateful to have listened to the voice within me urging me to write. I am grateful when my