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Inner light:Recognizing your highest Self

Hi. Welcome! Today's poem is about our inner light, that spark within us which we so often forget to acknowledge or access, but which is in truth our very Self. INNER LIGHT  Your inner light Calls you awake, then Gently leads you home. Your inner light Dreams with you And greets the sun Through your eyes; Your inner light Goes before you To create the beauty that you see. Shine, nurture, Love that inner light And your world Will never be the same.

Courage is.. Fire. A Poem of inner strength

Hi!   Welcome! I am so glad you are here. Hopefully you are having a good summer. It is going by too fast for me! I have many new poems and plan to post them one at a time. It is my hope you enjoy them. This one is about personal strength, inner fire, courage. Here's to being courageous--- and I know that you are! Courage is a type of Fire Courage is A type of fire A dreaded unwanted fire Coming with fear of being burned Again Courage is a type of fire Molding and transforming Into some new Shape we were never in Before Courage is embraced by heroes And sheroes; This is part of their story Our story Even The story of the earth’s unfolding    Thank you for reading and sharing my poetry. My work is from my heart, and it brings e such joy to share it!!