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Reflections on Poetry

    Poetry, beautiful poetry! I have been enjoying reading and writing poetry for a long time now. I  did not keep my first collection of poetry, unfortunately. I wish I had them just to read over, so I could get a feel for what I was feeling at the time. For me, poetry is about feeling the energy of the moment. Being present.      I like the honesty of bold poetry, the realness it holds. It captures you and resonates with you in its simplicity. Then again, the meaning of each poem can be, and rightly so, interpreted differently be each individual that reads it. I like that personalization, too.      I am still looking for a home for my second book of poetry, Echoes of Moonlight. I am hopeful. I am determined. My dream is alive, however stressed and tested!      I have some new poetry for you today. I hope you enjoy. Thank you so much for sharing my writing! Garden It was in the garden surrounded by an early mist that I  first felt a sense of mystery, of awe at

Poetry and Wisdom

Hello!     I have been writing poetry again  and will probably be shopping for another journal. I like to write my poetry by hand and then type it later, putting it where it needs to go.     I have been thinking about wisdom lately, and how I named my cat Sophia Dawn, for the dawn of wisdom. What does wisdom mean to me? It means listening to your  highest self, your spiritual true self. It means choosing life-affirming thoughts and actions. It means choosing love.      I never thought of myself as one who makes rash moves, one who leaps without thinking. But since last year I have taken such unlike-me actions that it makes me wonder, did I make a wise choice? Was I acting from a place of being guided by wisdom? I guess you might say I reflect on things a bit! Lol.          Anyway, nearly two years ago I brought home my new kitten. I knew just what to name her. Sophia Dawn, for the dawn of wisdom. I was really seeking answers to some personal ques

Writing Events and More

     Hello! How are things going this spring so far for you? Can you believe it is April? How much spring cleaning is planned or done? I need to get started! I also need to keep track of my writing projects. I am submitting my poetry book and have spent time on    and I have been slowly  adding poems  to a growing collection for another book. I do not have a title for this book of poems.  The one I am sending out is titled Echoes of Moonlight.  I hope to have a home for it soon!      Until then, may I share my first poetry book with you? It is titled Sing to me of words , and it is not only my first book of poetry, it is my first book. I self-published it while still working full-time. It is a book of devotional-style poems. Uplifting and soul-searching.  if you like spiritual poetry, then try my poems! I am to inspire with my words. Check out a gift from my  heart. Poetry is meant to touch the soul!

Poetry of Now

Welcome to a few more poems! I am very excited to be in many places with my poetry... on FB groups, here, and at    Also, I am working on another collection of poems. It might be another chapbook. I will keep you posted! Acceptance A quiet acceptance I do not want to fight any  longer; when the rages wash over me I am brought to the reality of my knees touching the earth. Acceptance gives me peace cools the embers of the flames that consume me and enables me to stage my rising. Quiet Slowly a quiet inspiration grows blossoms into the rarest of flowers in the garden of my heart where my dream resides Thanks for enjoying a moment of poetry with me. I plan to gather some reading inspiration at the library soon. What do you read for inspiration?