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Feeling the unity, so important right now! A poem and reflection.

Hello. May I take this moment to wish you well, and say thank you for stopping by. I have felt the need to write, express myself lately but have also felt so uneasy with all that is going on. I am reminding myself of truths that I know, trying to focus on holding onto peace and normalcy, grow in some way from this experience. This is kind of where I am right now, and so I offer you the words below with blessing and hope. And gratitude. Thank you. We are One One voice One heart One LOVE One One whisper One wave One sun One One life One heart One LOVE One ; We are One We are One Underneath the lies and dreams there is only truth existing as us there is love one love - Us ! Remember to live from that one love Remember to Be that love, honor the life that you are and everything will be well again

Solitude and Wisdom: poetry for now and always

Hi! Wecome! I am glad you are here. I hope all is well with you and that we are finding reasons to feel encouraged and blessed today. I am just getting back into the writing space again and it feels very good. I thought my newest poems would be on carving out space, enjoying and intentionally growing from time spent in solitude. Here is the first! I hope this resonates and uplifts. It is always my intention to be positive, encouraging and inspiring. Enjoy!! Solitude moments of darkness when the wind barely breathes silence fills the air around me and we inhale we expand my hope for tomorrow in moments of rest between beating hearts and restless minds love can breathe truth can be known and finally lived if we have the courage to step into the space that solitude gives birth to so light will come, following the dark, and joy will flow like a waterfall gushing forth when we quiet our fears and calm our sadness done best in silence and with openness