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Inspiring Writing and Fellow Spiritual Writers

Hello again! Today is a day of celebration for me, but more on that to come. I am focusing today on the inspiration I received from the writing of  Matthew Rainbow Walker. His books "Perspective" and "The meaning of life" both accurately summed up the wisdom of several years worth of reading on the topic of manifesting, thought power,  and spiritual growth in general. The books are brief yet truth-filled and oozing with enthusiasm and passion. That's the kind of writing I can appreciate! If this topic interests you, and even if you have read many books on self growth and spirituality like I have, you will come away from these books with a sense of ease, peace and encouragement.  Happy Reading!!  the link for "Perspective" is also, for "The meaning of life" the link is

Poetry and Inspiration

                                                        This is poem I wrote during a stressful time in my life and after I read a book that inspired me and uplifted me. The reference to the rose refers to our gift, the special gift we have to offer the world. I hope that this year I can focus on this and expand my outreach. That is the purpose of my writing and my deepest desire. I hope you enjoy the poem! Edge of Heaven I stand edge of heaven looking down upon the earth am I ready for this I say I wonder if there is another I do not want to forget who I am, where I am the sublime beauty of this place my truest home of homes Taking a moment I inhale deeply of the love infusing my atmosphere slowly I prepare to jump to descend and I hold within my sacred center the vision of my rose my purpose and light the reason to go the reason I stand on the edge of heaven looking down upon the earth.

To write about it.. writer's query

This is a brief post today. I am balancing changes in work, home and other aspects of life. Just when I decided to focus on my writing, a ton of challenges were put upon me. Such is life! My hope is that you are embracing all life offers and keep positive. Our feelings and thoughts are so important and influence those around us. On that note I want to say that from a writing standpoint I am not sure of what I will write next, but I know what is on my heart.. relationships. Perhaps I will go with that and let my searching and questioning bring me to the answers I seek and to inspiration. With that I will bring forth my new book.