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Finding Your Happiness: Poetry on feeling IT.

Hello! Thank you for stopping by. Hope you are doing well. During this time I have been surprisingly busy... doing nothing. Nothing much on the outside. Laundry and other housework are done at an unhurried pace. Everything gets done, I just don't stress over being quick with it. I have enjoyed slowing down on purpose, even in regards to things that seem important. In other words, I have relaxed. I have given more conscious thought to what makes me happy and I do that. In the same way I had to learn to love my body (body image not too good growing up) and appreciate it, I am loving and cherishing and tending to my mental health. I want as little stress as possible. I am seeking happiness. So that is what I am doing, and that is what my newest poetry is about. I know things are crazy right now, the days can seem overwhelming and the light may seem far away, but I have faith we will get there. Sooner rather than later. I hope you are feeling encouraged, allow peace

Gratitude, a powerful force. Poetry for times like this.

Hello! Thank you for stopping by. Hope this finds you well. Feeling grateful these days, and also very reflective. I have been counting my blessings, that's for sure! Today's poem is about gratitude. I hope you enjoy. Stay safe, and remember- pause and breathe in all the love that surrounds you, all the time. :) Thankful  For all the smiles, hugs  and prayers I am grateful For all the bounty, laughter and dreams I am thankful For all the  visions, heartfelt talks and beauty I am filled with gratitude. My heart stills before the truth of your generosity, and the warmth of the future shines down upon me. Final thoughts? Only this: In each moment we are offered a million reasons to smile, to say thank you, to give back the love that we are showered with. Making the world a better place isn't so hard. Or at least, it shouldn't be. Stay safe, spread the love, and shine your light!! Until next time,