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Poetry of Awakening:The Stirring of Joy

Hi! Thank you for stopping by and taking a moment to reflect, to be inspired. Today's poem comes from being inspired myself after reading a good book. Isn't it great when that happens? I love to read books that inspire me. Do you? Here is my poem. I hope you enjoy. The Stirring Awaken to the stirring of joy within you- let the truth of your beauty be your guide, your clue; your happiness lies not in what you do but in finding your passion and to it being true. You are more than what you see, you can create your world the way you want it to be. Infinite is the love within you, immeasurable the power behind you. Rest with these bits of wisdom, let them carry you into the light of your full expression, and awaken to the stirring of joy within you.

Hope and Dreams: Embracing the Vision

Hi! Thank you for stopping by. Today I have a short inspirational poem inspired by my love of the beach and new beginnings. As we get ready for summer, let us not forget that now is the prefect time for a fresh start, for embracing the new that comes, for forging ahead with our dreams!        Looking Forward: In Retrospect To look forward- facing the rising sun- fills me with hope; it is the dawning of a new day, new possibilities and joys calling me. Inhaling the sweet aroma of hope I feel my soul expand. There is nothing but love and lessons from the past, memories have inspired me- at least the ones I keep; the rest have taught me well. So now, a moment to breathe in hope, to feel restored. Forward is your vision when fueled by love, by hope, by faith. Thanks again for your support of my writing dream.... may all your dreams come true!