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Now: A poem of recognition

Hi! Thank you for stopping by. Wishing everyone well! I have been feeling inspired by recent books I have read and talks I have listened to lately, and I wrote this poem today as a result. I hope you enjoy it! There is so much joy, goodness and beauty all around us - all we have to do is slow down. Look, listen and love. Now is When Now is when you embrace your dream, when you release all false barricades and stumbling blocks. Now is when you choose to stand for what you want and know is yours. Now is when you see the world for the magic that is IS, see yourself for the magic that is YOU. Wonder and awe wash over you now in this moment that is the only moment. Rest. This moment is perfect. Breathe. In the silence and space between silences all your power, beauty and love burst forth and shine like the sun.                                                                  Embrace your dream and your inner joy. It is the p

The Gift Within Silence: Meditation, Poetry, Enlightenment

Hi! Welcome!      I have been thinking recently about the quiet moments, the ones we seem to have to make a conscious effort to enjoy; those moments of reflection and introspection that offer us respite, insight and renewal. I want to make time for more of that in my life. Do you? It is almost as if I am craving the peace and guidance that comes in those moments when I sit in silence and allow myself to just BE. I can release my sense of urgency concerning issues in my life that are coming up. I can relax.      Spending time acknowledging blessings, envisioning the future, releasing and letting go of negative energy, all happen within, in the sacred space that waits for us to be present with it. Such gifts come to us when we do! Today's poem is a reflection upon that realization.      Does it feel as though you have been drawn to allowing, or experiencing, more quiet moments in your life? Perhaps the beauty and joy around you has been trying to get your attention, s