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Welcome to a brief discussion on the power of words! I will start by saying that my ultimate goal is that my poems inspire, reach, touch others on a soul level. Perhaps that is because I am drawn to giving of my heart which feels such thankfulness and also the desire to awaken in others the truth of their beauty and power. The Hafiz quote below states that yearning quite beautifully and also summarizes my past month, which has been challenging. Nevertheless, I give you two poems below to ponder. From me to you!       Given We are given love to share  express,build and grow We are given joy  to multiply, taste and impart We are given the power  to heal, create and forgive We are given life to live  may we use it well Intent Make of my intent what you will  take my desire to it's ultimate fulfillment  make manifest my dreams  and may their expression  be our delight      Let me just say I love Rumi and Hafiz. Their poetry reminds me of a whispered blessing over someone asleep, done b