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Writing poetry

Good day to you! Thank you for stopping by and being a part of my writing world. That's where my heart is lately. Anyway, I have some new poetry for you. I hope you like it! Updates : I have been submitting my poems to so many places! I have a notebook to keep track. No, it's not digital! It probably should be, but I like the natural feel of handwriting my poems first before I post them or put them in a document. Guess I am just old-fashioned that way. Oh well! My full-length book of poems I hope to find a publishing home for soon. That is a dream that I have. Wish me luck! Below are some poems just for you, not for submission to any poetry contests or part of my growing collection for yet another book. I hope you like! Take time to smell the flowers (not just roses!) this week. Life is precious. And beauty is everywhere. Dreams Leaves whisper softly when they fall Love lies gently upon an open heart but dreams - oh, dreams - Dreams crac

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Hi! I am excited to announce that I have been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Cori van de Stege, author of the blog It has been a source of joy and encouragement during this time in my writing life to receive this nomination. I am honored and touched. It is a heartfelt goal of mine to inspire through my writing. Thank you, dear Cori, for the nomination.       Here is my list of inspiring blogs. I nominate the following for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award : 1.   This is a place of motivation and uplifting energy. By Deb Coman. 2. Http:// This blog has a beautiful message and format. Awesomeness from  Lara Clark! 3. Http:// by Shannon Vanderleek is rich with resources! Be inspired! 4. Http:// This is a place for advice, tips, humor and encouragement. Sweet! 5. Http:// A place of searching, questionin

New poems, and what is coming soon

Good day and thank you for stopping by! Just a little more poetry today, this time courtesy of picmonkey and vacation pictures. I have been excited to start on putting together poetry for a new series on Http://   It is up and coming, not even available yet. I will let you know when it is ready and I hope you will join me there!      

Fresh Poetry, Quiet Musings

Poetry !! This is a post all about poetry. I have written some new poetry and have been submitting some to some contests and magazines (Yay!), but these poems belong here. I have been feeling reflective and contemplative as of late and poetry is MY outlet! What's your outlet? Moments Moments go by; it is the love that remains eternal and constant Words linger and fade; it is the love that remains constant and eternal Hope shines a light upon our dreams before they fall it is the love that remains giving meaning to moments weight to words direction to our dreams; When the winds of time sweep away your tears you remember only love remains Mystery Dive into the mystery with me we shall untold wonders see of magic and creation, eternal energy; When the question arises, how to be free simply say Watch. Do nothing. Only Be. Immersed in the moment, you and I become we separate entities, we merge and create a u

The Tiny Poet... that's me.

Hi! Thank you for being here. Welcome! I will start with a question. Why am I the tiny poet? Because I am tiny. 4"6' to be exact.      Being my size has presented me with all kinds of  challenges to overcome. Most of them mental, to be sure. Physically, I will always have to adapt. You don't want to see me climbing around in my kitchen to get the pasta on the top shelf-- scary!      I started writing when I was young, and I started with poetry. I love poetry.      For me , poetry is a way to express my feelings, my emotional response to life. Writing clears my head, purifies my mind. I write to feel better, to vent. To dream.To emote. Poetry is soothing, invigorating, moving. It creates and defines a world of rich emotion.     Saying that I am a tiny poet as opposed to someone else, lol) is my way of both embracing my uniqueness and love of words. It is a proclamation of my true self.      On that note, here are a few poems for today. Happy writing a