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Mystery and Poetry: A Poem offering reflection on Who we are

Good day! Thank you for stopping by.  I have a poem for you today that came to me on a rare, quiet afternoon when I allowed myself time to reflect. I felt drawn to the topic of  unity, of our connection to nature. I felt th ese words almost being spoken over me! They came to me softly in phrases, and I felt such peace as I wrote them down. It was a transcendent  experience, one that I wish happened more often. I hope you enjoy!   The Mystery of You The mystery you think I am is really the mystery of You, for we are linked as one- we both express divine love, our essence both pure and light. What you are  and what I am is really the same. Seeing differences where none exist brings fear,sadness and pain; illusion feeds the needless suffering of love's great joy- You!  So let us stay together now linked by a bond of pure love; in safety you will be guided to the placed you know as home.

Nature's Touch- Poetic Thoughts and Writings

     Hi! Thank you for being here today. I am posting some poems I composed recently, and I hope you like them. They were written and inspired by the ocean.  The themes I seem to keep coming back to lately are peace, openness and love.      I hope you are encouraged and feel that inner unity we have with all things. Oneness with nature seems to bring me back to myself, to love, to peace. That's where my inspiration is!!      I hope you enjoy the poems. Shimmers A gentle whisper shimmers into my soul from across the water. I glide into acceptance, let assurance take root within me. Now I feel secure, at rest, and sturdy like the palm digging deep into the sand. Tide of Gratitude I wonder if the ocean swells with gratitude like it feels my heart is doing now; in and out with gratitude for all things big and small. I watch the tide come in with eagerness, releasing its offerings, then rushing back out for more. I feel the eternal pulse of