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Body Perfect: A poem on Loving Our Physical Selves

Hi! Thank you for stopping by! I have a poem today on the theme of self love, or to be more specific, loving our body. Honoring the body. Cherishing the body. All important aspects of living a life of gratitude, peace and understanding. Personally, my journey with this issue has been difficult at times. It is still a work-in-progress, but recently has become a focus of mine in a stronger and more meaningful way. I guess you could say that self-love, body-love, is one of my life lessons. I am now taking more concentrated effort to be loving to my body and actually express gratitude and awe for the wonder that it is! Our bodies are truly magical and divine! Here is my poem. I hope you enjoy. I hope you take a moment to consider that your body is perfect, beautiful. amazing. It too is sacred. It is part of you, part of your journey here. We honor the spiritual, the nonphysical, all the time. I suddenly realized how the physical, the earthly and material pa