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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Autumn, Season of Reflection and Change

Hello!   Sharing my newest poem today.
Fall is great for getting in a reflective mood!
Hope you enjoy!

Changing of the Seasons

I am rooted in the earth.
I am embracing the sky;
today the sun is shining,
warmth and light
surround me.
Falling leaves tell the story
of  the seasons,
of my cycle - nature's own.
I am vibrant with color.
Like the leaves.
Seasons change, and I relish the
display of glory, of fire.
Time to release what was for what will be!
Being witness to life's eternal dance,
seeing play and rest at work within myself,
I delight in the transformation I see coming
with the changing of the seasons.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Creating and recreating with words: Reflecting on Writing Purpose and Joy

Hi! Thanks for being here today. In thinking about poetry and looking over what I have written so far, in addition to what I have been reading, I realized something. I have been creating and also recreating, I have been giving voice to my ideas and dreams, through the act of writing. I have expressed a vision as well as hope and faith. The life I desire for myself and others comes to fruition after it begins as a thought, held and nourished by the mind and heart. The words I long to write, need to write, do not come if I am not in that sacred place of unity within myself. Periods have gone by lately where I have no words to write because I am feeling an emotion that leaves me dry, uninspired, stuck. I long for that feeling of inspiration to come back but it cannot be forced. So imagine my thankfulness when a poem begins to form in my mind, slowly, gently. Not in a burst, a flash, like in the past, but rather like the slow rising of the sun that spreads it warmth and seeps into your bones. I let what I have written rest, knowing I will come back to it and continue.

The hardest thing about this year has been finding the right balance between working in my field again and my writing. My writing has opened up a new world for me and I enjoy it so much. I love the idea of sharing my enthusiasm, ideas and knowings with others. Nothing fulfills in the same way. So, in summary, I am feeling grateful to be able to write. I am grateful for every instance my words touch someone else. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

May you be blessed today!


Kimberly DuBoise


Sunday, September 11, 2016

Still in the moment: A Poem of Reflection and Awareness

     Hello! Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you like my newest poem. I get inspired by what I read and after reading this week I felt like I had a good topic for a poem- the gift,or gifts, that are presented to us every day. Simply by slowing down and appreciating all aspects of ourselves, our lives, we see that we are indeed given much to be thankful for.
I am thankful for all that is present in my life, and one thing I look forward to is many more inspired moments of writing ahead!!

Hope you enjoy the poem!

 Still in the Moment

 All of your moments
come to you, by and by,
with the intention of delivering the message of your divinity.
Do not waste them! 
Through the ages, through time and space,
you learn to honor your humanity. 
Cherish it! 
Both are present.
One is eternal.
There is joy is knowing that the flow of your breath
links you to the source of all.
All of your moments
and all of mine
come to us with a purpose.
Let us not waste them!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Feeling Thankful and Going Forward: A Poet's Update and Assessment


     Writing poetry. Such a personal matter. Yet we share it with the world, and what was once in the most private recess of our hearts and minds is private no longer. Once on the page, our feelings and ideas are out there, exposed for all to see.  It is, for me, many things are once. Scary. Therapeutic. Healing. Joyous.
     When I said "yes" to writing poetry, things began to change in my life. Funny how that works! I had so many poems bottled up inside that it felt as if I were literally releasing them, pouring them forth from somewhere deep and onto the page. The process of  my first book, of compiling those poems, was amazing. Then I wrote more and complied them into my second book. That one felt different. It was harder to write and yet each poem within it means something very special to me.
     Now? I have a chapbook I am submitting and I am looking into contests. I am grateful to have listened to the voice within me urging me to write. I am grateful when my writing reaches someone, touches someone, moves them in an uplifting way. It fulfills me in a way nothing else ever has.
     You are sharing my joy with me by being part of my blog, so I need to and want to thank you, too. Thank you for increasing the joy in my heart by being part of my blog and joining me on my writing adventure!!

More poems to come, soon!

Poetically Inspired and Deeply Grateful,

Kimberly DuBoise

Monday, August 22, 2016

Mystery and Poetry: A Poem offering reflection on Who we are

Good day!
Thank you for stopping by.  I have a poem for you today that came to
me on a rare, quiet afternoon when I allowed myself time to reflect.
I felt drawn to the topic of  unity, of our connection to nature. I felt th
ese words almost being spoken over me! They came to me softly in phrases, and I felt such peace as I wrote them down. It was a transcendent  experience, one that I wish
happened more often.

I hope you enjoy!

 The Mystery of You

The mystery you think I am
is really the mystery of You,
for we are linked as one-
we both express divine love,
our essence both pure and light.
What you are 
and what I am
is really the same.
Seeing differences where none exist
brings fear,sadness and pain;
illusion feeds the needless suffering
of love's great joy- You! 
So let us stay together now
linked by a bond of pure love;
in safety you will be guided
to the placed you know
as home.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Nature's Touch- Poetic Thoughts and Writings

     Hi! Thank you for being here today. I am posting some poems I composed recently, and I hope you like them. They were written and inspired by the ocean.  The themes I seem to keep coming back to lately are peace, openness and love.
     I hope you are encouraged and feel that inner unity we have with all things. Oneness with nature seems to bring me back to myself, to love, to peace. That's where my inspiration is!!
     I hope you enjoy the poems.


A gentle whisper shimmers into my soul
from across the water.
I glide into acceptance,
let assurance take root within me.
I feel secure, at rest, and
sturdy like the palm
digging deep into the sand.

Tide of Gratitude

I wonder if the ocean swells with gratitude
like it feels my heart is doing now;
in and out with gratitude for all things
big and small.
I watch the tide come in with eagerness,
releasing its offerings, then
rushing back out for more.
I feel the eternal pulse of the moment
and with a sigh
escape into a warm embrace.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Wonder of Poetry

Good day! Thanks for visiting my poetry blog today. Today's poem came to me rather quickly and expresses my feelings on awareness of unity, of the love and peace that resides within. Getting still, having time to be quiet and look within, has been challenging lately as I have been teaching summer school this year but it is so important to me that I do . I have also finished a book recently that impacted me and made me think about this topic. Who else likes deep, meaningful reading?
I hope you enjoy the poem!

The wonder of awakening freezes me in my tracks
I am unable to breathe
The bottom falls out from under me
somehow I am still standing;
in fact I am standing taller than ever
shaky at first, sure
then I gaze with peace upon peace
let the mystery wash over me.
I am facing the sun and rising higher
lifted  above the circumstances that never
really had any power
to create my life -
I see that now.
I sing for joy at the discovery
that I create love by being love
I go about expressing my true self
now awakened.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Deciding to Shine: A Poem of Quiet Contemplation

     Hello! Thank you for sharing in my poetry today. Recent events and emotions have brought about

this recent poem. I feel that whatever is happening in my life, I need to have some sort of inspiration

around. Something expressing joy and thankfulness, something uplifting. Using quotes, poems, and

books, I have periods (like now!) where I need a boost more than others.

      Reading my favorite authors and writing has become my way to reflect and gain a sense of peace

and perspective. I have been so busy lately with everything but writing and when I finally did get a

chance to sit down, it was like..... YES! But then, so many emotions welled up and tried to come out

that I felt frozen. So, in order to still my thoughts and feelings I focused on one concept. My poem is

about that topic. What do you think my topic is?


What does it mean to shine?
I think it means to radiate, sparkle
embrace and express the divine
within yourself.
To cast a light upon the world that
only you can give. 
I want to shine.
I want you to shine.
What if we all decided it was time
to shine, to be the light that we are?
What if, instead of darkness,
truth and beauty reigned alongside peace and glory?
Maybe this world would transform, or
maybe it would disappear
with only love left shining.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Embracing Something : A Poem of Awareness

 Here is a poem constructed after much thought on current life events.
May it inspire and deepen your awareness of connectivity, unity, dreams and passion!


There is something inside that calls and
pulls at us, urging
us to go forward - to embrace the restless side
of our deepest Self.
Knowing ourselves involves engaging with this shadow,
this part of us that feels ancient, bold, powerful.
How much time we spend engaged in the mystery
how far we travel this time around
depends upon our willingness, our joy,
our readiness
for something.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Girl, A Book, A Beach. Reflecting on it all.

Well, I finally did it.

I put my feet in the sand and read.

I read my poetry book. My very own book, in my hand, on the beach!

    It was a moment I had been looking forward to for months. It signified something special for me,

almost hard to define. I had early visions of moving to/ living on the beach when I first started

writing. I love how being near the ocean makes me feel. For this trip, I envisioned reading my book

and then writing some more poetry for my next book. I did write a few poems later, but on the

morning I read my book on the beach I was overwhelmed. I was brought back to the emotions I was

feeling when I wrote the poems. To what was happening in my life, both outer and inner.

     I sat there, reading through my poems, and I felt such gratitude for the opportunity to write, to put

my work out there. I felt awe and a growing thankfulness for being able to reach others through my

writing. What an amazing thing!

    So, while I don't have a new poem today, I have a few memories to share below. Thank you for

being part of my journey as a poet/writer/listenertohersoul. Feeling supported makes the heart glad!

Much Love!

Below you see me with my second poetry book, Echoes of Moonlight. If you'd like to check it out, go here:

     How about that sunrise?? Pure inspiration!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

From Reader to Writer, from Writer to Reader

Writing my poetry. Then reading it. Repeat.


The beginning of a poem for me usually comes all at once- a line or phrase, maybe a bit more.
Then I freeze. I read what I have and sometimes the rest just flows. Other times I stop, thinking that it isn't quite done yet I am hard pressed to add more. More and more I am stopping at some point in my poem. I don't get frustrated. No. I get excited! I know something delicious is cooking, stewing, almost ready. I can't rush it- like I can't rush a roast or turkey or even a pie. So, the part where I step away and let myself relax into my poem is becoming a favorite part. An enjoyable part of my writing.
I do have a poem I wrote in one sitting. It came to me all at once like I was writing down something already written. I think this poem was already written - in my heart. It describes how I have felt in the past about certain books, certain authors. I get so much from books! Here is  poem I hope you enjoy, going with this theme.

 From Reader: To Writer

I am silent before your words; I am
undone. I am unraveling my hold
on reality.
Recognition hums through me
when I speak your words to myself.
I am changed by a page
and this is no longer a mystery to me;
I see that you are a sage. Teacher.
I am a reader.
A seeker.
You are a prophet. Awakener.
Together we change the world.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

You Can - Poetry of Positivity

Hello! I have a poem today that exemplifies motivation, self-encouragement, confidence and dreams. I have been thinking a lot lately about  what inspires, what propels us toward our dreams.
I hope you enjoy!!

You Can

You can do this
You can!
If you listen closely you will hear
the voice of possibility singing
within the chambers of your heart...
It sounds like love.
Love is the call to which all hope responds,
love is the whispering echo to reach for
your dreams.
Knowings are deeper than adopted beliefs - perhaps -
and they tell you

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spring Delight

Hi! Today I just have a short poem about spring. I love many things about Spring. What's your favorite season?


Embracing the warmth of spring

sunshine floods the air, color

explodes into  a riotous display

of exuberance;

with the promise that new life brings

blowing on the wing of a butterfly.

Spring immerses the senses in delight

in joy

in Love.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Poem of Grace and Inspiration


Thank you for joining me today. I hope things are well for you as we near the first day of Spring!

I need to purchase a birthday card as that day is also my sister's birthday. At any rate, I have hopes of

warm days ahead when I just know I will be both motivated and inspired to the point of distraction.

Warm weather does that to me!

I just want to take a minute and share a poem I had meant to be part of a collection but decided to let

stand solo. I hope you like it!

The Grace of An Angel

I sense your presence in stillness
and beauty; I hear your voice
in a song. Love echoes back to me
your sentiment, your intent.
Standing before me I see outstretched
all things lovely and divine;
deep within I recognize them as you.
My life has never been left to chance
my days are not set to circumstance-
you helped me see that.
Reaching for dreams has been our forte
releasing myself from the chains of illusion
our delight.
How grateful I am you walked with me
into freedom's light!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Listening to Self and Writing Poetry

Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

Lately I have been working on new poems. I am inspired by spring coming up, by books I have been reading, by quotes that I have saved on Pinterest. But most of all I have been inspired by the recurring word; "Listen."

The same word keeps appearing in all my reading material, and again as I browse on social media.

In books, on Facebook posts, on Twitter. Over and over I see the admonition to listen.

Listen to what? Perhaps to my inner Self. That part of me that responds to poetry, to spiritual and self-growth books. The part of me that feels the words that I write down.

When I do, I notice that my poems come easier. They are more expressive. Ah. My poetry comes from a place that I listen to in silence. Sit before in silence. Open up to in silence.

When we listen to others, we are giving them a gift. We are honoring them. When we listen to ourselves, we give ourselves a gift and honor ourselves. True?

In the spirit of listening and honoring, I am collecting what I hope will be my third book of poetry. The theme is affirmations, which is something I have been focusing on more lately. Positive affirmations that require an openness and embracing of the act of listening to ourselves; to know our dreams and hopes, to know what lies within.

Here is a brief poem for today. Does it evoke a memory, an idea, a story waiting to be told?
Either way, I just hope you enjoy.

I am Listening

I listen to your story
writing  down the best parts
when I can; looking for the moments
when love prevails.


Monday, February 8, 2016

A Garden In Your Mind; Laura Ingalls, Inspiration and Manifesation

     Hi! Thanks for stopping by to share in my love of inspiring words. I have been reading a great deal about Laura Ingalls Wilder lately. I had forgotten that she wrote some poetry and also had forgotten how long she wrote for The Missouri Ruralist before penning her books. I loved those books and loved the show growing up! So much, so, that I named my cat Half-Pint when I was nine. Of course, it doesn't help that I am very petite myself (I am four-six. Thus the name for this blog!).
In reading my latest find, titled Writings to Young Women from Laura Ingalls Wilder, On Wisdom and Virtue,  by Stephen W. Hines, I came across the phrase "these gardens in our minds." Laura is discussing when, in January, a friend calls and teases her about making a garden around the table in winter (looking at seed catalogs), she realizes that a successful garden does begin first in the mind. It is that way with anything we create- visualization is key!
     I suppose that struck me as interesting because of all the reading I have been doing about manifesting, about creating the kind of life we desire. Our actions stem so much from what we intend and/or believe possible! This leads me to consider what I hope to see happen in the future - namely, more poetry writing for contests and a third book! What cherished dream do you hold in your heart, ready to release into the world? Who has inspired you on your journey toward fulfillment and understanding? What seeds have you planted in the garden of your mind?
     I think that attention to the answers to these questions is so important! Life is made richer by focusing on purpose.
     In the spirit of my readings and in honor of the courage it takes to pursue our dreams, in contemplation of the "gardens" in our minds, I have a poem below. I hope you enjoy!

 Garden Within Our Mind 

We have a garden of possibility
within us
dreams sown there in fertile soil
bloom and nourish
the soul;
take care what seeds you plant 
tend to them with gentleness
precision and love 
the fragrance of your visions 
awakening to your ministrations
will perfume the atmosphere, and
will create dream upon dream.
A garden of joy and splendor
is ours for the making.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sayings Inspired by Rumi!

     Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Here's what's new:I have been looking through notebook after notebook of poems and notes lately and found a tiny notepad meant to keep in your purse. I bought it last year and ended up writing a few inspired sayings in it after I bought myself a Rumi poetry book for my birthday. I am so inspired by Rumi, and love so many of his poems. I even started a board on Pinterest! I thought for today I would share some of my musings. While these aren't poems, they still evoke a sense of mood and mystery. Rather like the micropoems I have posted and read online, sometimes much can be said with very few words.
I hope you enjoy!

*Do we possess the moment or does the moment possess us? It is up to us to decide.

*Quiet moments offer wisdom a window; do not close it once it has been opened.

*Carry your vision instead of division in your heart. All dreams, all hopes, are valid.

*A question. A look. My answer is already known, because my heart is no different than yours.

*The universe is lavish to those who allow it.

*My greatest wish to be known, to be loved, and to return the favor.

I thank you again for sharing in my love of poetry and words in general. It means a great deal to me. Now off to read and write some more!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

My Poetry Plans


I am busy writing poems again. Reading poetry, too. Do you have a favorite poet? I like Rumi.

My plans for this year include submitting to contests and completing another full-length book of

poems. I have been a bit inspired as of late to focus on affirmations and so my next collection of

poems will be themed around that. I am so excited!

I can hardly believe it is almost February already. On that note, I have written a love poem in

anticipation of Valentine's day. Here it is:


I love you to excess-

too much

so they say

but they haven't been in my shoes

haven't felt the pain I have

only to have it all washed away by a smile

a touch, a look, a word.

You saw me and I was seen for the first time

and I knew you, too


Our dreams support each other

moonlight offers sanctuary in your arms;

I think it is fine thing

to love

to excess.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Poetry, New Book, Dreams

Hello, and welcome to my poetry world. I am glad you are here! Today I am just enjoying going over previous poems that I have written. I have a few favorites! But, in all seriousness, each poem says something. Something about me. My feelings. My dreams. My life. In putting them together it is kind of like a diary (for me, anyway). A diary or record of my emotions and thoughts. I titled my second book after the poem below. It is a flash record of a particular sort of emotion, a tidal wave of feeling. It means something deeper to me than it appears to on the surface. Personal writing is like that.
I hope you enjoy the poem!

Echoes of Moonlight

I remember your smile
touching my inner love
and I can still hear your voice
saying my name in the echoes of moonlight
that reverberate in my soul;
it is with hunger that I feel your eyes upon me
because all my senses are unfulfilled
I am an empty shell of a woman without you
you know it's true
So I  come to you in the way of a child
trusting and earnest
hoping and waiting for a miracle, for transformation
and all it takes is one look in your eyes
for my heart to be yours.

Copyright 2015 Kimberly DuBoise

If you liked this poem and would like to read more, check out the book Echoes of Moonlight !! Available on Amazon at

Thanks for sharing in my dream!!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Welcoming Inspiration

      Welcome to my first post of the new year. I am so encouraged by the way things are

starting out. How are things going for you?

     One thing that started my year off well is that I have started writing another collection of poetry

that I hope to see turned into my third (!) book of poetry. The title even came to me, as if out of thin

air, in a moment. I might change it, but so far I like what it is: Note to Self; Poetry of Affirmation. It

feels good to be inspired again!

     I hope things are starting off wonderful for you and that this year blossoms into something


     Below is a current poem. I hope you enjoy!




                         My dreams are mixed up with my memories
                         vision blurred of love and loss

                         time has no meaning but takes me

                         to where I want to be
                         which is next to you.

Thank you for making my poetry writing life come true!!