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Monday, November 13, 2017

Gratitude: Poem of thankfulness

Grateful Heart is the title of my poem for today.
I have been really focusing on my blessings,
what I have to be thankful for...
which is everything I have in my life! I have so much,
the time to write, health, family, home. This life on this earth!!
All that makes my soul happy I have right now.
I have made a conscious effort to bring more of
what makes me happy into my life, and to
be an appreciator. Even the hard things are in some way
giving me something that I need or can learn from.
So, here's to pausing and reflecting on all that we have!

Grateful Heart

Gratefulness invades my soul
like a waterfall
bursting out into the open
spilling everywhere
spreading joy
the sounds of life, reverberating
harmony in sweet
time-space motion
and I
get to embrace it all!
Things like love and sunsets
hugs and soft
furry kittens
mingle with the happiness
of a certain voice
then I see that I need
nothing else at all.
Gratefulness is awareness of the bounty
life is giving me
and my heart is full -
it is oh so full.

I want to take this time to thank YOU for being here, for sharing in my writing
and supporting my dream! Thank you so much...

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Embracing Your Dream... A poem to inspire

Here's to listening to the call of your soul.

Your Dream

Don't give up on your dream
the one that takes your breath away
the one that feels like sunshine
and oxygen...
you have every help available to you
the force of the universe lies within you
and around you
waiting for you to demonstrate your readiness
to receive your dream
Even if you have to do it slowly
open, open, open your heart
and face the dawning of your glorious dream.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Being Love: A Poem on Being Love

Hi! Today I have a brief poem about being that which we are, which is LOVE.
Hope you enjoy!!

Being Love

I am love,
You are love;
the space between us
is love, too.
I go within to discover
there is no outside -
there is only love
love swirling,
spiraling through galaxies
and lungs and
churning oceans.
The heart beats to the tempo of love's melody
resting upon a note
frozen in time
and I know
I am love,
I am love

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Seeking Wisely: A poem about looking within

The gift is within.

The answer is within.

These words we have heard before, but what do they mean?

To me, they mean that for every obstacle we face, every storm that comes

our way, during every trial, there is something within us that we can access

that will see us through.

This something is always present, deep within us,

and it means we are never alone.

I have had to access this part of myself more often than I would like,

as have we all. As part of our journey, it is part of our story.

And so it is.

In thinking on this, I was inspired to write a poem.

I hope you enjoy!!

To Seek

They say to seek, so I sought.
They say to be open, so I opened my heart.
Then one day I stopped.
There was no joy to be found
even after all my searching and doing.
I felt through all that was surrounding me,
releasing more as time went on.
I moved again and had to stop.
Forced to remove a stumbling block,
I surprised myself  at how easy it was.
Laughter bubbled up at how I had been afraid
of failure yet had been kissed by success;
in my wildest dreams nothing had felt so
flowing and natural.
Where did this supernatural and somehow innate
power come from, if not from within?
I was on fire to know more,
so I began to seek not from outside sources
-nothing stems from the outside-
and in earnest I opened my heart to the wonders within myself.
Thus true love and wisdom began to blossom all around me
everywhere, all the time.
Joy was found.

"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without."
"Everything you'll ever need to know is within.
The secrets of the universe are imprinted upon the cells of your body."
Dan Millman

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Body Perfect: A poem on Loving Our Physical Selves


Thank you for stopping by!

I have a poem today on the theme of self love, or to be more specific, loving our body.

Honoring the body. Cherishing the body. All important aspects of living a life of

gratitude, peace and understanding. Personally, my journey with this issue has been

difficult at times. It is still a work-in-progress, but recently has become a focus of mine in

a stronger and more meaningful way. I guess you could say that self-love, body-love, is one of my

life lessons. I am now taking more concentrated effort to be loving to my body and

actually express gratitude and awe for the wonder that it is! Our bodies are truly magical and divine!

Here is my poem. I hope you enjoy. I hope you take a moment to consider that your body is perfect,

beautiful. amazing. It too is sacred. It is part of you, part of your journey here. We honor the spiritual,

the nonphysical, all the time. I suddenly realized how the physical, the earthly and material part of

life, is no different. It has made a change in my life for sure. If you can relate, then you know

the place from which this poem stems.  Thank you for sharing in my writing from the heart!!


Awareness has seeped into me
why didn't I feel this before
this knowing of my complete
unity, divinity, sacredness?
I had long revered my nonphysical
aspects; they seemed to me to be
the source and ground of all- yet
I left my body in the dust.
I told myself I knew the truth- what I was
was non-physicality made manifest
for a while.
Slowly, like a hazy dawn,
understanding spread its heavenly light over my
the physical part of life, of me,
shines and breathes in the infinite
because that is all there is!
My body is glorious, worthy of the deepest love
and gratitude for all it has given me
on my journey through the stars...
not just my immaterial and eternal self.
Both are divine,
both are Me.
Radiating love and wonder into the cosmos
forever and ever.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Now: A poem of recognition


Thank you for stopping by. Wishing everyone well!
I have been feeling inspired by recent books I have read
and talks I have listened to lately, and I wrote this poem today as a result.
I hope you enjoy it!

There is so much joy, goodness and beauty all around us - all we
have to do is slow down. Look, listen and love.

Now is When

Now is when you embrace your dream,
when you release all false barricades and
stumbling blocks.
Now is when you choose to stand
for what you want and know is yours.
Now is when you see the world
for the magic that is IS,
see yourself for the magic that is YOU.
Wonder and awe wash over you
in this moment that is the only moment.
This moment is perfect.
In the silence and space between silences
all your power, beauty and love
burst forth and shine like the sun.

Embrace your dream and your inner joy. It is the part of you the world needs to see !!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Gift Within Silence: Meditation, Poetry, Enlightenment

Hi! Welcome!

     I have been thinking recently about the quiet moments, the ones we seem to have to make a
conscious effort to enjoy; those moments of reflection and introspection that offer us
respite, insight and renewal. I want to make time for more of that in my life. Do you?
It is almost as if I am craving the peace and guidance that comes in those moments
when I sit in silence and allow myself to just BE. I can release my sense of urgency
concerning issues in my life that are coming up. I can relax.
     Spending time acknowledging blessings, envisioning the future, releasing and letting go
of negative energy, all happen within, in the sacred space that waits for us to be present with it.
Such gifts come to us when we do! Today's poem is a reflection upon that realization.
     Does it feel as though you have been drawn to allowing, or experiencing, more quiet moments in your life? Perhaps the beauty and joy around you has been trying to get your attention, saying "let me in!"

I found this quote on stillness and quiet moments that spoke to me. See if it sparks something inside of you!

"In stillness lives wisdom. In quiet you'll find peace.
In solitude you'll find yourself."
                                                   Robin Sharma

Here is my poem today. I hope you enjoy!

The Gift Within

So the moment came for me to rest,
to still my mind and open it
to the wonders of the world.
I was unprepared for the storm that surged within-
so wild and forceful-
and I was undone by the beauty that surrounded me
once the storm had passed.
Radiant light shone everywhere
from everywhere and to everything.
I found myself to be a point of light
hiding at first from her brilliance,
Listening to the voice within the silence
I somehow gained my own;
my own still voice came rushing out
like so much water gushing.
I was flooded with goodness;
peace was carried on the wind.
All this occurred without a sound
just a willingness to know
to be
to love
at last.

Have a beautiful day, and let your knowing shine bright!!
Thank you for being such a special part of my writing world, where I am becoming
more ME all the time!