Gratitude, a powerful force. Poetry for times like this.

Hello! Thank you for stopping by. Hope this finds you well.

Feeling grateful these days, and also very reflective.
I have been counting my blessings, that's for sure!

Today's poem is about gratitude.
I hope you enjoy.
Stay safe, and remember- pause and breathe in all the love that surrounds you,
all the time. :)


For all the smiles, hugs 
and prayers
I am grateful
For all the bounty, laughter
and dreams
I am thankful
For all the 
visions, heartfelt talks
and beauty
I am filled with gratitude.
My heart stills before the truth of your generosity,
and the warmth of the future shines down upon me.

Final thoughts? Only this:
In each moment we are offered a million reasons to smile,
to say thank you, to give back the love that we are showered with.
Making the world a better place isn't so hard. Or at least, it shouldn't be.
Stay safe, spread the love, and shine your light!!
Until next time,      
                              thetinypoet  :)


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