Finding Your Happiness: Poetry on feeling IT.

Thank you for stopping by. Hope you are doing well.
During this time I have been surprisingly busy... doing nothing.
Nothing much on the outside. Laundry and other housework are done at an unhurried pace.
Everything gets done, I just don't stress over being quick with it. I have enjoyed
slowing down on purpose, even in regards to things that seem important.
In other words, I have relaxed. I have given more conscious thought to what makes me happy
and I do that. In the same way I had to learn to love my body (body image not too good growing up)
and appreciate it, I am loving and cherishing and tending to my mental health. I want as little stress as possible. I am seeking happiness. So that is what I am doing, and that is what my newest poetry is about. I know things are crazy right now, the days can seem overwhelming and the light may seem far away, but I have faith we will get there. Sooner rather than later.
I hope you are feeling encouraged, allow peace in, and find the happiness that lies within. Always.


Finding Your Happiness 

It is near you, whispering
It is within you, smiling
yet you search
and search for something not lost
just push aside for things that 
cannot bring what happiness really is-
a peace with yourself
a peace with life itself
as it is, as it was
as it shall be...

you stop and look. really look.

suddenly with a bang you realize that you ARE that happiness and you grab that power back !


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