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Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Tiny Poet... that's me.

Hi! Thank you for being here. Welcome!
I will start with a question.

Why am I the tiny poet?
Because I am tiny. 4"6' to be exact.
     Being my size has presented me with all kinds of  challenges to overcome. Most of them mental, to be sure. Physically, I will always have to adapt. You don't want to see me climbing around in my kitchen to get the pasta on the top shelf-- scary!
     I started writing when I was young, and I started with poetry. I love poetry.

     For me , poetry is a way to express my feelings, my emotional response to life.
Writing clears my head, purifies my mind. I write to feel better, to vent. To dream.To emote. Poetry is soothing, invigorating, moving. It creates and defines a world of rich emotion.
    Saying that I am a tiny poet as opposed to someone else, lol) is my way of both embracing my uniqueness and love of words. It is a proclamation of my true self.
     On that note, here are a few poems for today.
Happy writing and reading!

Tiny Poet

she was and is
a poet-
always will be;
it's in her,
the feelings
longing to be expressed;
life is
so she used words
to understand
to change
to accept
the things she wants to change
and the things she cannot;
she uses words
like a grace-given superpower
to handle, express

She Went

She went forward
unclear and yet
sure of her safety;
thoughts of the future
she was told
would create her reality,
so why did fear
sit upon her chest like a dragon
breathing fire and ice?
Something inside her wouldn't quit
refused to feel defeat
so she conquered her oppressor
slaying doubt and fear;
in smoky ruins it lay around her
and once again she went forward
toward her destiny
all was as it should be.

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