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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sunrise over dreams: The Power and Poetry of Possibilitiy


Hi! Thank you for stopping by. I am glad you are here and I hope you are having great week.

Sometimes we just need a boost, don't we? That is what I have found.

That, and the fact that sometimes we have to give our dreams a little boost! 

      With that in mind, I have written the following poem. See, I have found that my dream means

more to me than I can easily put into words. There was a time when I thought

"My dream isn't coming true," and "I have to let it go. It wasn't meant to be." Those thoughts

made me feel like part of me was dying inside. I had to turn my thinking around, choose to

believe that what I want to happen will, and give life to my dream in the form of love.

So, that is what I have been doing. Nurturing my dream, holding it as close as my heartbeat.

If you have a dream that isn't realized yet, infuse it with fresh, new energy. Don't let it go.

Not just yet.  

Sunrise over Dreams

I watch as colors burst into being
over water, still and serene.
I have spoken my dreams
into the wind, and I wonder
do they hover over the water
waiting to manifest upon my signal,
or do they become mixed with other
yet-to-be manifested desires? Are they,
like all the colors in they sky,
destined to become part of the sunrise?
Wherever they are,
they are part of me,
and I envision
their rising
with the sun
one day.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Travel and Inspiration: A journey of the Self

Hi! Today's poem is inspired by travel. Specifically, how traveling can awaken within us an awareness of connectedness, an appreciation of diversity, a broadening of perspective. These gifts do not automatically come with the purchase of an excursion or walk on the beach, but with an openness and willingness to be impacted by all that is new and comes your way. So, in that sense, every day can be a journey to some new place- not just physically, but emotionally, spiritually, mentally.
So here's to our beautiful journey. May it be full of beautiful sights!

Distant Shores

I long to travel to distant shores
where the exotic becomes familiar
and who I am becomes discovered;
this exploration and uncovering
starts by leaving one shore and
going in search of another.
My footfalls lead me toward
a new horizon,
lead  me home again.
I am home again only
for a while
I am filled with longing
to travel once again
to distant shores. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Dreams, and poetic musings


Thank you for visiting my poetry blog. I am so glad you are here. I hope you find a spark of inspiration today, hope you have a moment of insight. I love words that inspire and that evoke emotion. That's why I love poetry! Today's poems are about dreams. I have been thinking and
allowing myself to access my feelings about the subject of dreams, specifically what we
dream of for our lives. Those dreams.

Anyway, here are my two latest poems. I hope you enjoy!


I am dreaming and
wanting my dream to be real;
I am hoping, still
striving. Stop,
that's not the way!
Slowly, I see
I am the dreamer
and the dream is within me;
we are one, my dream and I.
We are one and I am awake,
living my dream.


Go for your dreams-
let them lull you awake!
They will shine a light upon
your moon-lit fantasies
and warm the sleeping tiger
sleeping in the jungle of your heart.
They - your dreams - will become the air, the sun,
the moon, and even
the water and earth beneath your feet.
Go immerse yourself. Fall into your dream,
heart first.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Welcome to my poetry blog, and to a new year. 2017!

My hopes for this year are big. I have set some new goals; having set them in my mind they will be

soon written down. Does it help you to write things down? What are you envisioning for this coming

year? I plan to write more poetry, submit to more contests and publishers, to basically make more

space and time for writing. On that note, I have a new poem that I hope you enjoy.

Have a great start to the new year!

Making Space

I am making space -

space for me

to breathe,

to create,

to explore.

I am making space

for becoming

for growing

for expanding.

This making space

involves clearing,


letting go;

it also means




The time for all this is now.

Would you like to join me?