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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Greetings! I have some poetry for you today. I have been writing some poetry for a new book and have been enjoying it. Here are some  poems I wrote , not for my book but in my journal.  Here's to quiet time!


Thinking of love
the power of the universe
coursing through my veins
I cannot feel any differently than this
than I do right now-
I will face the obstacles and way too many
self-inflicted blocks
I let in this light
take my stand for tomorrow
and dream of possibilities
releasing all that held me back
and reaching for the stars
with you by my side


I feel a difference
coming over me,
in an instant I am sure of
I never knew before;
a knowing that I cannot forget
breathes within me now
and takes me to a place of
and magic.
I am
from the inside out
and it happened in an instant
a moment of silence
when we met on sacred ground.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Poetry Musings

Hello! Welcome to my poetry musings today. I am going to share some new poems that  I hope you will like today.

First, let me say that my poetry is heartfelt and emotional. It comes from my attempt to name and internalize my feelings. I write to better understand things and I have had a year of big changes in my life. We all go through those years.  They help us grow, if nothing else. If I didn't write I am not sure what I would do to get through some things!

I express my joys and sadness as well as hopes and dreams within my poetry. Below are two recent poems.


How can I know which way to go
when I have to be practical
and if I go the way I want to go
I lose security and provision
I see nothing inspirational about hunger
at all
so my question again is
what do I do
when my dream
the path I want to take
seems to have closed its doors
and even the windows
in my face


I am thankful for this moment
when I can be with you
in silence
and hear your message
of inspiration and possibility;
You make my spirit dream
of a wondrous life
and of my worth;
you radiate peace and healing
into my broken places
and I begin to see
my destiny
in this moment
with you.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Support makes the world go round

Hello! Glad you are here. Thanks for spending a few minutes with me.
Today I want to say that what has been on my mind lately is how much it means to me to have supportive people who encourage me on this journey. I am grateful and amazed at the encouragement and motivation offered to me by fellow authors, friends, family. Truly I feel blessed to have support to go after my dreams. Thinking about this, several things came to my mind. One, we feel empowered ourselves when we build someone up. Two, being supportive of someone involves positive energy and this energy comes back to us. Three, we ourselves will need support at some time in our lives. Those who know you support them are going to be there for you. Let's go

through these points further.

1. We feel empowered ourselves when we build someone else up. This is because we are coming from a powerful place when we step outside of our small self and seek to inspire or offer comfort to another. Coming from a place of oneness and compassion, of generosity, is coming from the divine source within us. Any kindness and love we give out is returned to us.
2. Being supportive of someone involves positive energy. This is the kind of uplifting, inspiring energy that instills faith and hope in others. Sometimes having someone believe in you impacts you so much you begin to believe in yourself and give yourself permission to dream. This is the kind of energy that embraces life despite the challenges and setbacks, that sees the possibilities as endless. It is a 'say yes' feeling and adopts the attitude of 'why not'.
3.We ourselves will need support at some time in our life. Ah, the sad fact of life is that we will face difficulty. Hard times. The people we lean on for support during those times make life bearable and beautiful, do they not? Their presence in our life is something to cherish. Without them life would be harder than it needs to be.

For the reasons above and the many reasons I didn't mention, those who support us are very precious. I started out by thinking of how much support I have found in regards to my writing career. So many well wishes and words of encouragement right when you need it. Even the sharing of knowledge and tips of wisdom go a long way toward saying, I want the best for you. Go for it. You can do it. This type of interaction gives me a boost. It is so uplifting and energizing to receive such support and I am always grateful. I personally have found such inspiring people and have been touched by words of support on just the right day. My heart leaps a little just thinking about those moments!

I think wherever you are, you can find such a support system that you will be amazed. Do the people in your support system know you recognize and appreciate them? It never hurts to let people know that you value them, does it? Hmm.

Of course I don't want to have this be a one-sided look at this topic. We receive support and also give it. That is what makes the circle complete. In fact, I bet you can name multiple causes and people you support. Great. That is wonderful! So many of us give and give. We are givers. I am not going to talk about giving at this point, although I hope you are giving to yourself, too. Not in a greedy, self-obsessed way but in a nurturing and honoring kind of way. You deserve that. But, for the moment, I want to focus on the many people involved in bringing us closer to our dreams. Who helps you become more of who you are, who aids you in living from your highest self? Those individuals are the ones who get you. They offer you the world. Let them know how much they have impacted your life. You are doing that same thing for someone else. I'm pretty sure.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Did you listen to the lyrics - a poetry expose

Today is all about poetry. I am specifically thinking of  the power behind the words, what poetry expresses. To me poetry expresses feelings, ideas and most of all the pain and joy of emotional experiences.

 It is similar to a great song. We say, did you listen to the lyrics? Think about that. We are asking, "did you stop and think about what the words are saying?", do you hear the message being expressed?

Songs, like a great poem, can express what we are feeling with words that, as the saying goes, say it all. Whether the songs are upbeat or sad, nostalgic or angry, we resonate with some more than others because of what they are saying. What song do you repeatedly sing because it is so catchy or carries exactly the right sentiment? It is perfect for the moment in its emotional pull, isn't it?
Consider these:
"I'm here to remind you of the mess you left when you went away."
"I could've had it all..."
"I will always love you."
"You give love a bad name."
 I write the songs that make the young girls cry..."

Words convey our intent. They give definition to our emotions. Through our words others can relate to us and learn about us, our thoughts, dreams and visions of the future.  Everything from our regrets to our best-laid plans needs words to be fully expressed.

Communication is all about exchange of  ideas and intent. thought, feeling and desire.

I have read many poetry books lately that do a great job of bringing emotions to the forefront. Even emotions I have buried and have not  in years may rise up at the reading of that poem. But that is what I want. I want to feel when I read.  
Do you like to feel when you read? I bet you do. It is the pleasure from  the experiences we have while reading that brings us back for more.
I am writing poems again for a new book and find myself more critical this time, not sure if they are good enough or accurate. Are the words too shallow? Too dry? I don't know, and doubting myself on my word choice is frustrating. I have to learn to relax. The words will come.
So, the next time you can't get a song out of your head,  just go with it. It's there for a reason.