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Friday, February 24, 2017

Miracles and Poetry

What has been coming across in my reading and while searching social media lately is miracles.
Stories of miraculous events, quotes on miracles, books on miracles.
Everywhere I look, someone or something is shouting out about miracles. It got me thinking.
What do I consider a miracle? Do I believe in them, and, if so, what role does that belief
have in my faith and worldview?I know, I know. I think too much! That is true. I live in my head
- my thoughts- and have had to learn to focus on the moment. On the now. That said, I feel things deeply, too.Too much sometimes.
Writing down my thoughts and feelings helps me process things. Hence the attraction to poetry!
Anyway, I  have a poem today about miracles. I hope you enjoy it. Remember, stay open to all things
being possible.
As Wayne Dyer said, " I am realistic. I expect miracles."

Now that is the mindset I want to have and maintain!

What is a Miracle

Living and awakening to love
is a miracle;
seeing the kindness behind a smile
is a miracle.
You are a miracle,
as am I.
Letting this truth
reside in your heart
sets the stage for dreams to come true,
for wonder and joy
to create