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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Listening to Self and Writing Poetry

Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

Lately I have been working on new poems. I am inspired by spring coming up, by books I have been reading, by quotes that I have saved on Pinterest. But most of all I have been inspired by the recurring word; "Listen."

The same word keeps appearing in all my reading material, and again as I browse on social media.

In books, on Facebook posts, on Twitter. Over and over I see the admonition to listen.

Listen to what? Perhaps to my inner Self. That part of me that responds to poetry, to spiritual and self-growth books. The part of me that feels the words that I write down.

When I do, I notice that my poems come easier. They are more expressive. Ah. My poetry comes from a place that I listen to in silence. Sit before in silence. Open up to in silence.

When we listen to others, we are giving them a gift. We are honoring them. When we listen to ourselves, we give ourselves a gift and honor ourselves. True?

In the spirit of listening and honoring, I am collecting what I hope will be my third book of poetry. The theme is affirmations, which is something I have been focusing on more lately. Positive affirmations that require an openness and embracing of the act of listening to ourselves; to know our dreams and hopes, to know what lies within.

Here is a brief poem for today. Does it evoke a memory, an idea, a story waiting to be told?
Either way, I just hope you enjoy.

I am Listening

I listen to your story
writing  down the best parts
when I can; looking for the moments
when love prevails.


Monday, February 8, 2016

A Garden In Your Mind; Laura Ingalls, Inspiration and Manifesation

     Hi! Thanks for stopping by to share in my love of inspiring words. I have been reading a great deal about Laura Ingalls Wilder lately. I had forgotten that she wrote some poetry and also had forgotten how long she wrote for The Missouri Ruralist before penning her books. I loved those books and loved the show growing up! So much, so, that I named my cat Half-Pint when I was nine. Of course, it doesn't help that I am very petite myself (I am four-six. Thus the name for this blog!).
In reading my latest find, titled Writings to Young Women from Laura Ingalls Wilder, On Wisdom and Virtue,  by Stephen W. Hines, I came across the phrase "these gardens in our minds." Laura is discussing when, in January, a friend calls and teases her about making a garden around the table in winter (looking at seed catalogs), she realizes that a successful garden does begin first in the mind. It is that way with anything we create- visualization is key!
     I suppose that struck me as interesting because of all the reading I have been doing about manifesting, about creating the kind of life we desire. Our actions stem so much from what we intend and/or believe possible! This leads me to consider what I hope to see happen in the future - namely, more poetry writing for contests and a third book! What cherished dream do you hold in your heart, ready to release into the world? Who has inspired you on your journey toward fulfillment and understanding? What seeds have you planted in the garden of your mind?
     I think that attention to the answers to these questions is so important! Life is made richer by focusing on purpose.
     In the spirit of my readings and in honor of the courage it takes to pursue our dreams, in contemplation of the "gardens" in our minds, I have a poem below. I hope you enjoy!

 Garden Within Our Mind 

We have a garden of possibility
within us
dreams sown there in fertile soil
bloom and nourish
the soul;
take care what seeds you plant 
tend to them with gentleness
precision and love 
the fragrance of your visions 
awakening to your ministrations
will perfume the atmosphere, and
will create dream upon dream.
A garden of joy and splendor
is ours for the making.