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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

End of Year Reflection and Poem

Hello! Glad you are here! Thank you for stopping by. This is my last post for 2015. Hard to believe.

     This year has been very eventful, but not in a physical sense. It has been eventful in an emotional sense. I have been on a journey with my writing, from completing and self-publishing my second poetry book to working on a very personal story. I jumped back into the school setting as a substitute and have had many experiences with that! I have had to completely alter my path that my writing life is on, and I honestly froze up inside and experienced something I did not enjoy - the absence of my enthusiasm. My motivation and positivity felt distant, inaccessible. It was strange. I had to learn to summon my desire, my gratitude and openness. The writing I wanted to do felt stuck and that made me so sad! It was like a spiral. Luckily I surrounded myself with good books that brought me back and filled me with inspiration. Acceptance and enthusiasm returned, along with my desire to make my dream come true. Words began to flow. Again.


Stay close by-
your presence is vital
to my being;
Stay close by
with your guiding Light
providing  energy to my dreams.
I see
I feel
your radiant acceptance
fueling my passion;
until I become the source
of my own inspiration.
No one knows the depth of my vision
except you
who gave me wings
in the first place.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Writing, Dreams, Poetry and Life

I have a poem expressing my inner feelings today. I have been considering the dreams I have for my life and how I have taken steps to make them a reality and yet have also been forced to change my plans, create a new plan. Life is full of adventure, and as we learn to listen to our soul I think we embark upon a very personal and exciting journey. I have very high hopes for the new year coming up. What about you? Do you have plans/dreams for yourself or something in the works for 2016?

What of Dreams

Tender dreams slip through my fingers
like a mist they evaporate-
a ghost of a shadow remains;
their image fills my soul with light.
Now in the darkness I feel lost.
Still able to taste their flavor in the wind
feel their anxious-to-be-born-cry upon my skin,
I am face to face with nothingness without my dreams.
I catch  glimpse of hope, a shimmer
my breath quickens
I am turning toward a new beginning.