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Friday, February 7, 2014

Living intentionally

     I would like to start by saying that I am thankful for many things in my life. I am very fortunate to have the people in my life that I do, and I am currently taking a lot of steps in the directions of my dreams. I am filled with anticipation for the future. How can this be, such a difference in outlook?
     To be at the point in my life that I am has been a journey of discovery and reflection, true. But what I have found lately is that I was becoming consumed with seeing a change in my life, almost as if I was being propelled forward by some invisible force. This culminated in the realization that I had to act as the saying goes. I had to learn to hold my focus, stay positive and do what needed to be done to see my dreams come to fruition. All of this is common sense, really. But we get in our own way sometimes. I certainly do. When I consciously stopped doing this so much and opened up to the fact that I needed to apply and live by the truths I had been reading others had been telling me for years... I began to see that my dreams were possible. I was worthy. Affirmations, meditation, all outward actions taken stemmed from a newfound belief in myself and my connection to a higher source of love. A new way to be, indeed. All the truths from all the books I have read were finally making a difference in my life because it was not just in-my-head knowledge but had reached my heart.
     What I would like to offer you from all of this is... the journey to fulfillment, to peace, is different for everyone. Different timing and circumstances are involved and we all get what we need.
Stop and think of the beauty of what is actually going on every day.. People are waking up and finding the answers or solutions they were seeking and life becomes new, different, beautiful and sacred. Like it really is.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Today, a travel poem

I am today offering a poem inspired by travel, vacationing, the experience of somewhere new.


        Planned in advance
        finally here
        time to go
        off in a hasty cab
        airport crowded and chaotic
        nothing is on time anymore 

        Visions of cotton-like clouds
        spread out in vastness
        like mountain peaks and valleys
        of white serenity

         Landing is smooth, here we are
         smack - stamp - whack
         goes the no-smile agent
         follow the herd
         you'll see the exit
          At last the clock announces
          one more hour away by bus
          zipping through the concrete jungle
          speeding towards relaxation
          trees and shopping in the rear-view mirror

          A vision of our haven arrives
          greeting weary, eager eyes-
          a glory to be sure
          shining in the sun

          Cold, luxurious marble floors 
          shine and welcome simultaneously
          foreign voices are melodious
          become a hum in the background
          join the birds serenading their paradise

          Necessities attended to
          baggage unloaded and checked
          no plans from this point on

          Down to the beach
          we say in knowing unison
          and suddenly
          we find ourselves sighing
          at the caress of velvet powder
          inhaling the scent of blue
          and smiling 
          holding hands
          we dig our sand- deficient toes in the sand.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Ok, so the new laptop I received at Christmas is already going to have to go in for repairs... What is with a green screen? Anyway, I kind of panicked about losing a newly started story until I realized that even if I have to start over I can prevail. I have had to start over on many things before-- not usually a story I had ten pages on -- but still ! I do not like the idea of time or energy being wasted yet I recognize the personal benefit I gained from the experience , the reflection involved, was the gift  I received from my writing and that cannot be lost. So when I get my laptop back I will take what I have handwritten and add to my story. I will utilize the library and be open to the experiences that come from going with the flow. Inspiration abounds!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Looking and finding answers

I love quiet time to reflect and seem to be getting up earlier as of late, which gives me time for reflection. I have been thinking about what steps to take next in my life and am wanting clarity, assurance that what I want to do is the right thing. But isn't that the point? Every choice we make in life leads us to another, and the path is set. Maybe there is no right choice yet I must go with what feels right, what is calling me. Learning to listen to inner guidance, going within, is for me resulting in the knowledge that I must pursue that which will fulfill me, use my gifts, answer the call of my heart. I know I can no longer ignore the message I am receiving, and it is that way with us all. To heed the call of our passion is a turning towards joy. It involves many steps and obstacles. We do not take this journey alone, however. Stay the course, and you will see !